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Postby Marion(57 Loboy) » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:57 pm

Well, life throws you curve balls, sliders and offspeed knuckleballs whenever you make "plans" huh? :surrender:

I finally started on my 30 yr old strorage building rehab on Oct 21st :{_}:
I just yesterday finished the last of the priming that needed done on the bare wood trim before winter. :beer:
I'll be painting the whole thing next April or May.

Short rehab story is: rip off all siding, doors, roof n rafters. Shim up under center of building to eliminate as much floor sag as possible, winch the walls straight vertical and brace, raise wall height from 6ft 6in to 8ft-but make top plate dead flat, make and install new rafters, re roof, hang smartside panels, make new doors, trim out, caulk and prime...whew :)):

Keep in mind, I'm close to 60, not in great shape, plus working 6 10s a week.
I worked solo, except for the last couple pieces of roof sheathing and then the roofing paper and shingles. I can ignore Dr's order to not be on a ladder, but I do draw the line at being on a 7/12 roof where I don't belong.

I put up a 24ft antenna tower on the one gable end of the existing building about 10 years ago right after we moved here, and because the siding and overall looks of the building was so poor, I just tacked a 2x4 across a few studs inside, drilled a couple of 3/8" holes thru it to the outside, sandwiched another piece of 2x4 to the siding, then held the tower to that with a hunk of angle iron with threaded rod. I didn't even bother painting any of it. Functional was my only real requirement then.
So, now my quest for ideas.
I need to put the antenna tower back.
The newly rehabbed building now has a 6" gable end overhang.
The new tower mount needs to be sturdy, but also not look junky looking, like my last antenna tower mount fab job.
Any ideas? Pics of what you did in this situation?
Is there a product made just for this that I don't know about?
Thanks for reading my ramble.
PS: I seem to have forgot how to post pics :oops:

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Postby T-Mo » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:31 am

Sounds like a project.

On posting pictures, first be sure they're sized small enough to load here, around 500-700 K or so. Then hit the "Full Editor & Preview" tab below the "Quick Reply" box if you're replying to a thread (including your own) or if you're starting a thread, then just go to the next step, which is:

Below the now veiwable "POST A REPLY" box, you will see a tab "Attachments". Click on that and you will see another button that states "Add files". Click on that and a window will pop up and just go and find your images and then hit "Open". It will tell you if the file is too large or not.

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Postby Stanton » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:32 am

No suggestions for your tower, but glad to hear of your rehab on the building; especially before winter sets in.
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