Threshermans Reunion

Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:17 am

We just returned yesterday evening from the Rough & Tumble Threashermans' Reunion in Kinzers Pa. It was quite a show! There was so much smoke from the steam traction engines that it was often overpowering. I asked one of the fellows (engineers) how much coal did he go through in a day at the show. He said about 650 lbs.!! With about 30 - 40 of those behemoths operating throughout the day, the noise, sight and sound was quite amazing. Of course, there were the farm tractors of all makes and ages, with the emphasis on the IH family this year. The wheat threashing demonstrations were mostly done by local Amish men. At the boys play ground, folks were digging up mounds of dirt with the steam shovels, drag lines and Caterpillers. It is certainly an event well worth attending.

The farmland in that part of the state is so beautiful. In particular, the Amish farms are so immaculate and maintained in a pristine manner.

Re: Threshermans Reunion

Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:37 am

I love those type of shows. There is a steam show in Mason, MI each July that I like to get to. They also saw lumber which I could watch for hours. The first time I went I was suprised to see a lad driving a large Case who had to stretch to see over the top. The rules state that kids have to be at least 13 to operate without someone on the footboard. This does give the young an exposure and that is needed to keep up interest in maintaining them. As you say no need to ask directions, the smoke can be seen for miles. Most of these however are wood burners. Vern