Dieppe Mini-Fest

Tue May 07, 2013 7:52 pm

When Em and I went to Cecil's in the fall, I had agreed to bring some stuff back for another NB Cubber and member of our forum community. That would be "shyntempt" aka Jerry. Due to the late hour when we crossed at Houlton Me, we didn't stop in Freddy and just ran straight home. Both of us tried to get together a couple times but timing wasn't right. Finally Friday the stars kinda aligned and Jerry was on his way to Moncton. After another couple of timing stumbles, it was agreed to meet at my place about 1830pm. Mario another local Cubber and the welding teacher at NBCC (he owns a Demo), also decided to come over to work on his carb. Needless to say as has been the norm in the last year, I was held up again and got home a tad bit late .. and both Jerry and Mario were already there chatting up a storm. :D Doesn't take a Cubber long to figure out someone else is part of the addiction.

We spent 3 rather enjoyable hours chatting about Cubs, ... Ellie and Granny as well as a few of my other toys in the pole barn and then in the cabinet shop playing with Mario's carb. Didn't get it all done, but got a fair amount done. Most importantly we had fun, I met a new Cubber finally and we parted sure that we will be visiting once again.

Thanks Jerry and Mario for an interesting evening and a very relaxing one to boot :big smile:

Re: Dieppe Mini-Fest

Wed May 08, 2013 5:43 am

It is great to have someone to share a common interest with. I know you enjoyed it. Keep up the fun.