Loaded up for Hogwaller

Tue May 28, 2013 11:39 pm

Well, I hope I have no problems with the truck and trailer this trip. In the last couple months I have

Had the glow plugs, injectors, injector pump and lift pump replaced on my 6.9 F-250

Also flushed the radiator and new thermostat

Transmission rebuilt, torque converter replaced and extra large transmission cooler and line installed

All oils and fluids replaced

truck and trailer wired, trailer bearings checked and all tires checked for wear and pressure.

I leave here 4 or 5 AM and head to Railroad0630's to swap parts and pick up a cub.

Then on to MikeinTN's to swap parts, then on up to Hogwaller, VA.

Gonna take my time, and take it easy

Re: Loaded up for Hogwaller

Wed May 29, 2013 12:58 am

See you this evening Dale,
as usual I'm up after a 2 hour nights sleep. Seems to always go that way when there's a upcoming cub fest to enjoy. :lol: I'll pull out soon with hopes of meeting up with Coppersmyth near Lexington, Va.
There I hope to show him around a little and pay our respects to Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
I'll be several hours early so I can nap a little then.
I'm loaded down heavy with cub goodies too, plus about 600+ lbs of reloading lead heading south.