plow day

Sun May 04, 2014 11:32 am

participated in my first plow day with the local tractor cub. had a lot of fun and the cub ran flawlessly.ImageImageImageImage

Re: plow day

Sun May 04, 2014 12:12 pm

Glad you had a good plow day, our steam and gas club has an annual plow day , it was two Saturdays ago the ground was barely dry enough . I always enjoy that event.


Re: plow day

Sun May 04, 2014 8:16 pm

Glad you had dry soil to plow! Our local plow day was cancelled, due to 2 inches of rain!
PS. Do they sell webbed feet, for cubs???

Re: plow day

Sun May 04, 2014 8:21 pm

there were areas we couldn't plow , we had a lot of rain too. it had stopped raing thursday. i wasn't sure if they would have it

Re: plow day

Mon May 05, 2014 8:33 pm

The club I belong to had a plow day on Saturday. Mostly old green tractors. A nice old 8N was plowing. BBQ lunch. Always a good time.