Noëlles Trap.

Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:39 am

Hi it's your intrepid Mid-Finistère reporter on the pen again.
You may have heard that earlier this year Noêlle came up with a comment. One of those comments that at the time the commentee doesn't realise exactly what they have said and the long term actions and reactions that are about to explode on to a little family with lots of enthusiasm.
The remark that Noëlle made to Pat one night whilst sitting reading in bed side by side was, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a little trap and a gentle horse to go with it?"
Simple really isn't it, what does Pat do in this circumstance? There are several courses open to him, such as : "Yeah, good idea love, we'll talk about it tomorrow, night-night, kiss, I'm off to sleepy-land." or "Don't be daft, where are we going to find time to grease the axle, let alone look after the horse, night."
We'll let you readers fathom out all the other possible replies that husbands can make to their dearly beloved wives at a time such as this! Bet you won't come up with the actual answer?
Pat's answer was "Well what a coincedence, Karl, you remember the one I bought a Sunshine Reaper-Binder off of for 1 euro on Ebay a couple of months ago, he was in touch with me again with a trap, no sorry he said cart, that a friend has for sale, I'll go and Email Karl and see if it's still available"
And he did the sucker! at 10.30 at night! What a guy (there are other adjectives that come to mind!).
Lo and behold the next morning, just as he was going out to admire their three, as yet, unrestored Farmall Cubs (yes readers the famous Cub, the most marvelous and lovable tractor that anyone could ever put together) an email surrepticiously slid it's way over the ether to gently and without noise or movement of air plop into Pat's inbox.
Whether it was intuition or something more earthy, we shall never know, but just at that moment as a tiny cloud made it's way across the sky just to the left of the chimney of the railway level-crossing house where they live, just as Yvonne lower down in the village decided it was time to go off to work, the same moment you realise, Pat changed his mind!
Pat turned from the door and went back upstairs to the computer, something he rarely does at this time in the morning' and he pressed "Get Mail" in Mozilla Thunderbird.
What arrived was something that was going to change his and Noëlles way of life for ever.
Message sent 7.48am from Karl to Patrick, subject Broken Down Cart.
Body, Pat I've seen the owner this morning with the cows and she is off to South Africa or Canada tomorrow lunchtime, she's sold the house and if you can get here tomorrow morning with 200 Euros and Landie and Trailer it's yours!
Oh dear what should Pat do, if he does nothing and NoNo finds out there will be some kind of hell to pay, if he does something there will be a different kind of hell to pay!
"NoNo, are you there dear?" "I've had a reply from Karl, come and look at this photo he's sent me, it doesn't look too good to me, but..." Noëlle arrives and of course immediately falls in love with it, the PO used the cart/trap as a resting place for pots of flowering geraniums, roosting chickens and sleeping cats, just outside the front door of her lovely stone farmhouse. "Oh Pat we've got to have it, just as I saw in my dreams last night. Doesn't it look romantic!" "But it's rotten look what Karl says." riposts Pat. " Oh only a bit of rot, YOU are SO good with wood, just imagine clip clopping along the lanes with Difa the dog in the back, side by side, off down to the pub, a good beer and back again, drop in on Marcel on the way get a couple of croissants for tea, then....."
Well dear readers, what do you think what was the reply? You'll wait to see? The illustrated second installment will be along later.
Mid Finistere Reporter

Wed Nov 02, 2005 5:44 am

Pat with that much enthusiasim from Noel there is no question in my mind of the out come. Congratulations to you both.


Wed Nov 02, 2005 9:43 am

I enjoy reading your stories, please don't delay too long with the next istallment. Hope you enjoy the cart.

Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:08 am

Great story Pat and welcome to the 501 Club :!: :!: :!: (501+ posts)


Wed Nov 02, 2005 11:44 am

Pat, being married all these years there is no doubt in my mind where this is headed. The interesting part of this story will be how you get there!

Wed Nov 02, 2005 12:43 pm


I love the English you write. Reminds me of an earlier time in my life when stories such as this were told in language much similar to how you write.

Sometimes I long for the days when English was spoken not only as a tool to express an idea, but as an art form to express not only an idea, but feelings of trepidation, love, humour, guile, wit and wisdom.

Well done, I do look forward with much anticipation to the following installment, as well as pictures of the fully retored trap that No-No dreamed of.

Isn't married life wonderful :!: :?: :D