Mon Dec 05, 2005 1:07 am

Hi guys aren't the Cletracs just lovely little gems. If I had the time, energy and the cash, I would be looking for a D20 from the late 20's. They were manufactured over here in france for a while.
We had one ploughing at the National vintage ploughing match this last summer here in Brittany, just love at first sight.
is all in french, but if you pan down the page you will see near the bottom a paragraph on these little wonders with a couple of photos, you'll have to struggle with the language or if need be I or Noëlle will help.
Hope you enjoy them.

Mon Dec 05, 2005 3:04 am

For weight go to the cletrac site and print the spec pages. Print at 245% the size and the weights are there. I did the one for the AG, AD2 and 25. They are 6800 lb, 7471lb and 7000 respectively.
Pat i caught the part about the hercules diesel.


Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:11 pm

Hey Pat, the one on the bottom of that page looks just like the one I'm still hoping to get! I wish that I could get one, but...

beaconlight, I have looked there, but I don't remember seeing anything about this model?

Thanks, and have a good day/night Johnny

Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:54 pm


In English:

Arrived The Cletrac Last: a model ED2 (to be confirmed) of before 1944. I do not have yet the job number bus I lse finds behind the air filter that it is thus necessary to dismount. It is been driven by an engine principal [diesel Hercules] of 25ch started by an auxiliary engine Hercules twin-cylinder with gasoline. It makes 1,15m the broad one.


Thu Dec 08, 2005 7:04 am

Hey Johnny...Judgin' by the photos of the Cletrac you're lookin' at I would say it's a Model 15C dating back into the 1930's. The biggest problem you might run into is loading it onto a trailer. Remember a crawler is not free-wheeling like a tractor. Even if it's in neutral...the rollers and clutches may be so rusted you couldn't get it to roll onto a'de end up draggin' it on and THAT'S A TOUGH JOB! :shock: See if the owner has a pick up truck that he would be willing to slowly chain drag the crawler forward to see if the clutches are free? :?

HOWEVER...these little crawlers were built so well...I wouldn't be surprised that the engine may still be freed up! See if they have a crank and you can see it is seized or not. See if it was converted to electric start (probably was) and you might just be lucky enough to put in NEW fuel...NEW plugs and a NEW battery and give her a try! :?

Thu Dec 08, 2005 3:54 pm

Hey, thanks Country, the guy said that it rolls, so that is a good sign, and he said that the clutches etc. were in good shape, so...
He also said that it is a model E31? have pics of the serial plate etc
Also it was used as a side walk plow, so it will probably ber fairly small?

Still hoping on getting it, but the guy said that when he got snow, it was gone, and my DAD is also a big problem, no no no, it "MIGHT" need an engine job, i think that that is a bad excuse LOL

Thanks Johnny