What's that I can sniff in the hedge dad?

Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:32 am

“Well Pat, now that Noëlle is out at work, and you find yourself nearly in retirement, what really do you do all day long?”
Readers, this is a question that Pat is often asked.
Having been brought up in a Protestant Work Ethic way of life, he finds it difficult to lie and say that he stays in bed till coffee time, has a fag, watches TV till lunch, a little rest before tea, radio or TV till its aperitif time and NoNo is home and we eat together, TV & bed.
The reality is rather different, being an early riser, Pat is seen to be around fussing with tea-things and last night’s washing up usually before 7am, gets NoNo off to work at about 8.10 then the day starts.
Most mornings he does a bit of paperwork and has a look at farmallcub.fr before peering out to see if the fields are properly aired, then at about 9 he leashes up the dog and off they go, often down through the village with Difa pulling like fury to get to see her friends Romy, TyNo and Ikiey. After a very energetic moment, the two of them have to decide whether to go straight on down the road and off into the western fields and woods or to turn right down the track that leads onto the old roman pathway running from the Forest of Crannou to Le Faou.
The day in question they turned right down a few hundred yards to the cross-path, Difa’s nose took them left then towards Le Faou. In about 30 yards there is a coppice with a stream running through it and both noses decided to have a look.
“Come on Dif, look there are some old and crumbling bee-hives, watch out for stings” Pat
“Sniff Sniff, OK, there are some rabbits too, sniff sniff.” Difa nose to the ground.
Some old scrabby hives and a few concrete slabs that others have resided on in the past.
“Let’s explore a bit more dad, there may be some fox s.h.1.t. to roll in and give joy to mum as she has to wash it off, wah, come on, it smells good.” Says Difa
So deeper into the copse they went, listening to the magpies, thrushes and the skylark miles overhead with it’s twittering melody that heralds the spring and brings ancient memories of summers spent in hay fields carting back bales of lush dry green hay for the animals. The stream on their right twinkling over dead branches and stones, but what do they, or more particularly Pat, see, could it be another hive just next to the stream with branches and brambles over it. Grey same as the old hives, but no it is too big.
“What’s that girl?” Pat to Difa,
“Not interested in that can’t chase it and as well it’s all rusty” Dif
“Rusty, what do you mean; it must be a metal hive. But no look its got wheels!” Pat

So dear readers what have they found almost in the stream, grey and rusty with wheels.

Have a look at this progression of photos and see what you think. This time our photographer went the easy way across the field to get his ‘take’.
Your Mid Finistère Reprter, signing off.
PS the story is repeated on the above web page.

Wed Apr 12, 2006 5:09 am

Looks like a nice baler there Pat!

Wed Apr 12, 2006 6:56 am

A new project and we have no report that NoNo's trap is finished.


Wed Apr 12, 2006 8:20 am

I frequently get asked the smae question, but I don't have a dog, so my answers are a little different, though much of my day is similar. Due to the long hours I used to work, I have so many things piiled up waiting for me it will be years before I even come close to catching up, if I ever do.

One note, a fag in U.S. slang is not something you would smoke. LOL

Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:41 am

8) Cool Pat You have you dog well trained :!: Looks in good shape for having "grown in"


Wed Apr 12, 2006 11:53 am

NoNo's trap is proceding, but at a slow pace, as we say 'slow but sure'!
The nearly next thing to do to it is to steam and curve the shafts, that should be fun! Anyone coming over to give a hand?
I'll take some photos though
The baler is a low density one that makes fairly loose bales about 2'9" long but it is missing one of it's two needles and some parts where it was dangling over the stream are quite rusted away.
It is a project for the future, and to find it in the village just like that :lol: :lol: :lol:
It does however turn over, I havn't tried the spool to see if that will turn, but I have a feeling that it will.

One thing of interest to us here is that the knotters are IH, they have the logo cast into the outer shells. They will have to be painted red I think!
Best wishes to all

Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:01 pm

Great Story Pat!