Hart-Parr Tractor... REALLY COOL!!!

Sat May 20, 2006 10:08 pm

Hey there all!

I am am member of the La Crosse Oktoberfest Grenadiers and in that capacity, I attend many parades to promote La Crosse's Oktoberfest festival around the area.

Today, I had the opportunity to attend a parade in rural (very rural!) Spring Grove, Minnesota to march in their parade. There were quite a few vintage tractors in the parade (unfortunately, no Cub! :cry: :cry: ) But the COOLEST (WAY COOLEST) tractor was a 1921 Hart-Parr "30" tractor. I don't know whether this tractor was a two cylinder job or even just a one-cylinder tractor, but it was really "Popping" The engine was amidships of the tractor, with the radiator on the front. To me, the most interesting thing was that the exhaust came out the front of the tractor right under the radiator. There was NO concern on the tractor for ergonomics for the driver as the seat was on the EXTREME rear of the tractor and hung out in the middle of the air!!! :shock: :? I wish I had some pictures to post of the machine, but it was QUITE THE SITE!!!

Have any of you guys seen this brand of tractor before?

Other than that unit, there were several green and yellow jobbers, and one Farmall (that I didn't get the model number". There were a TON of classic cars and bands, etc. and the parade was GREAT...

Just wanted to let you know of my day today!!!


Mike in La Crosse, WI

Sat May 20, 2006 10:38 pm

I have seen a couple of these before. We certainly have come a long way! I am not positive, but I think they were manufactured in Richmond, Indiana, where my folks live. Were they one of the companies that got absorbed into Oliver?


Sun May 21, 2006 7:40 am

Check out this site. A little Hart-Parr history with pictures. :)



Sun May 21, 2006 9:07 am

Hey WCM, my grandparents and two aunts live in Spring Grove, they were probably there! Small world. 8)

Sun May 21, 2006 7:55 pm

Yes, indeedy... we have come a VERY long way. It was a really cool tractor, but I couldn't IMAGINE using that thing every day to work the farm.... Man, your back would kill ya!! Sure sounded cool, though!

Nik, there was a SEA of people at the parade and everyone was having a great time. Lots of cool tractors there along with some really nice people! Look me up if you ever come out to see your relatives. They are only about 30 minutes away from me!


Mike in La Crosse, WI