Yellow Submarine

Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:50 am

this photo is a little outdated, having been taken in January, but i'm checking out picture posting from our server at the same time. it's a Oliver CletTrac, if you can't see enough of it to tell. i'm on the right in front of the bucket. we removed it using an HD-5 dozer with a winch on it after cutting the ice in front of the bucket.


Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:52 am

actually, i'm second from the right. Millstone Mike is on the right.

Wed Apr 14, 2004 10:26 am

:?: Whats the story on that Oliver, Did it get the tracks buried in mud then freeze over :?:

I had an old J.D.1010 Dozer that I buried to the top of the tracks once and Man is that a cold muddy rememberance of getting it above ground again.

Wed Apr 14, 2004 10:39 am

thats actually a small shallow pond (the oliver is sitting on the bottom) we are standing on. we were clearing the brush off it with the oliver when one track went down. efforts to get it to climb out resulted in the state it was in for the picture. I was working on a different project at the time, but came over to assist in the extraction efforts.
course, it took a while to stop laughing and doing photo ops. :lol:

our intent is to dragline the pond to make it deep enough so trees don't grow in it. it is located next to our show field on QVEA Museum property.

Wed Apr 14, 2004 3:35 pm

If you make it deeper, be sure and put a taller muffler on the Oliver so you can find it next time :lol: Picture looks great, but next time you might make it just a little smaller so people like me with antique computers and monitors don't have to scroll right and left to read the text.