Mon May 17, 2004 10:49 pm


started this thread on April 25 it now the 17 of may after new piston rings and bored 10 over. new valves done by me once and by the local head shop machinist ( after it would not start)set at .006 intake .010 exhaust. new solid state module (after it would not start)soaked the carb and rebuilt with complete kit(after it would not start) finally got it to start by putting some oil in the cylinder I am right back to where i started it runs till it gets hot then dies. Took it back to the machinist he check the valves and guides again took a little more off the exhaust and it seems to run a little longer but still dies.

so can anyone look up the valve spec or tell me were i can find them I have access to a older B&S manual IT show
Aluminum Cylinder Intake .005-.007 Exhaust .009-.011
Cast Iron Cylinder Intake.007-.009 Exhaust .014-.016

IT Is a B&S Model 195432 8HP Industrial /Commercial Aluminum block with a cast iron bore
weeds are getting tall

Fri May 21, 2004 10:32 pm

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21 may Bought a used engine put the carb on my fresh rebuild
and she finally runs

Sat May 22, 2004 6:06 am


Glad that you finally got yours running :)

Finally gave up trying to fix it myself :roll:

Took the roto-tiller down to the local shop. They did the usual tune-up stuff (already did that :!: ) and an inspection. Seems like they may have found the problem. There is low compression and the carb is cracked. It might last a year or two but not certain as it is really an ollllddd engine.

The sure cure is to buy a new roto-tiller, but that is really not on my list of I have to do's, nor my want list. I like my very old roto-tiller, it is almost as old as I am and is made very well, unlike the new ones where even the tines are stamped steel and a light guage at that.

Maybe I will have to find another old engine and give that one a rebuild. Then I can take this one down and see what can be done to restore it.