Need Case International 235 Info...

Mon Oct 18, 2004 6:58 am

Howdy folks I usually post to the cub forum, but found a Case International 235 diesel tractor over the weekend. It has the ROPS, seatbelt, 5 ft scrape blade, 3 point hitch, 60" Case intern 60 MB belly mower, turf tires with chains. I'm thinking it has 11000 hours on it. The mower was on the ground, and the current owner has never used the mower. He is going to try and get the mower mounted for a test drive. The original owner used the mower for keeping a pasture up. I've already driven the tractor, and everything seems to check out ok. The oil did check a little low, but my understanding is that diesels have had a problem with some oil usage. The owner is asking $4000.00 for this tractor. Is this a decent price, and is the tractor a good one? Parts in my area are about 45 minutes away. At least parts are available. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using the tractor to mow an acre lot, keep up my ~140 ft gravel drive way, and help care for my small garden.

Thanks in advance,


Mon Oct 18, 2004 7:47 am

If you don't get any answers here you might try the Case forum at

Mon Oct 18, 2004 8:21 am

I don't know much about them but $4K sounds a little high for a tractor with 11K hours. If it runs well and everything seems solid, it might be OK but I would do some price comparison with similar tractors. Is this 2WD or 4WD?

Howdy Bigdog and John...

Mon Oct 18, 2004 11:03 am

The tractor is a 2WD. The meter only shows 4 digits, hence the "assumption" the tractor may have 11000 hours. (There's 1000.3 showing on the meter right now). The current owner says he changed the oil filters, etc every 1000 hrs. He also thinks the meter has turned over similar to an odometer on a car. It is supposed to be a 1989 model. Doing a little math, the tractor could easily have 11000 hours on it. The first owner mowed several acres with the tractor, so that time could add up quickly. I may be wrong, but something just doesn't add up here. Just wondering if I should pursue this or not.