Radiator over heating problem

Mon Nov 01, 2004 11:47 pm

I just had a clutch job done at the local Case dealership on my Farmall Super A and now the thing over heats and steams up. I ask them if there was anything that could have changed in the overhaul process and they said no ! They did replace 2 of the soft plugs in the engine block , but said that shouldn't affect the cooling system . It didn't over heat before it was torn down for the repair.Any suggestions ???

Tue Nov 02, 2004 9:01 am

Check your timing and fan belt tension. main other thing I can think of is there was some crud/sludge in the cooling system that got disturbed during the work, and the cooling system and radiator may need flushed.

Flush ----

Wed Nov 03, 2004 10:41 pm

Did exactly that yesterday John . Used a Prestone 10 minute flush and after a 15 minute running , I flushed with clean water , then replaced the anti-freeze. Now what I need to do is run it and see if that has helped. They had replaced 2 soft plugs in the block, could have stirred up the crud

Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:16 am

Is it possible the dealer put to much coolant/water in the system after the plug replacement and it was just finding it's proper level :?:

Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:05 am

I wondered about that, but when he said "steams up" I teneded to think about other problems.

Thanks guys,

Mon Nov 15, 2004 8:07 am

I flushed it and cleaned it with radiatior cleaner then strained the (new) anti-freeze ( alot of dirt) and it works fine . My dad always said, " if you can't do it, know somebody who can "

Mon Nov 15, 2004 8:46 am

:?: OK, I just have to ask. How does new antifreeze have or get a lot of dirt in it to the point that it has to be strained :?: Any that I have ever used comes out of the container clean & green.

Mon Nov 15, 2004 9:03 am

JB - it sounds like the dealer dumped new antifreeze into the tractor without a clean and flush even though they replaced some freeze plugs and probably knocked a lot of scale loose in the process.

Mon Nov 15, 2004 9:19 am

Ok B.D., It was fairly new antifreeze recycled then. If it were me I would have dumped the whole used mess and put new in it. New is to cheap in price for me to buy rather than trying to salvage used.

Mon Nov 15, 2004 9:59 am

Yeah, but some of us are cheap! (we call it "frugal")

They did ----

Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:36 pm

(supposedly) put new anti-freeze in . At least I was charged for 2 gallons . After I drained it (to flush) , I "strained" it before replacing and there was a lot of residue.

Sat Jan 08, 2005 12:29 pm

I agree with BD There a a whole lot of things on a 50 year old cub you could just put new for about $150.00 each and be ok for another 50 years. ONLY 10 and there goes $1500.00. Bet i could find more than 10. Be sides if all 1200 of us did that it would add up to a whole lot of pollution unnecessarily. I am not against all pollution but would like to keep it under a DULL ROAR.