Brinley Plow

Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:55 am

Got this thing the other day and spent yesterday in between rains grinding the rust off to see if bottom was usable or not.--it did clean up shiny and smooth,--no pits at all.
Backside and bottom
Frontside of moldboard

It didnt have a cutter and the moldboard has a big flaw in the outer end of it! (manufacturing defect), but I plan on welding the plow to one of my 3-pt. a frames to fit the cub (doubt the cub will pull the 10" bottom when it wont pull a 6" bottom very good)---IH neighbor here thinks the bigger bottom just MIGHT pull easier, so I figure it is worth a try---It would fit in a couple of our smaller gardens better than the 706 and 5 bottom unit!

Does anyone know if the moldboard defect is on all of this brands bottoms?---or do I have some orphan brand?--(hope not!)---I have never heard of this brand so I am kinda in the dark here on this thing!
This plow is in excellent shape, for little wear sows on it! Thanks for any info/input/opinions on it!

Re: Brinley Plow

Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:57 pm


That is the type of plow used by the Garden tractors (Cub Cadets) I have one and use it to till my four small plots. Yours looks in excellent condition. I'm not sure about your question about defect. Can you post a picture of the defect. I have looked at your pictures and the plow looks like mine. This pass spring I didn't use the cutter on mine plow alot of the garden tractor guys use them with out them on them. If the soil has been tilled before it is not needed. Brinly still makes the plow. ... -51BH.html

If you post in the Cub Cadet forum. The gentlemen up there will give you all kinds of info.

Good Luck!