john deere a

Sun May 01, 2011 9:12 pm

what size drill,planter,disk,plow and corn picker could a 1947 john deere a pull it is gas

Re: john deere a

Mon May 02, 2011 6:34 am

In our soil an "A" will pull 2 16" plows, a 4 row planter, a 16' Drill, a 2 row picker. A lot depends on how steep the ground is. I don't have experence with a disk plow for the "A".
In some soil, an "A" will pull 3 bottoms.

Re: john deere a

Mon May 02, 2011 6:38 am

You might want to bookmark You should find it a helpful site for tractor specifications.
The John Deere A could probably handle a 10 foot drill, 4 to 6 row planter, 8 foot disk and a two row picker. In good soil conditions probably a 3 bottom 14" plow.
Again, this would assume the tractor is at or near new horsepower rating. You might not want to work it that hard.

Re: john deere a

Mon May 02, 2011 8:48 am

Are you looking at or trying to purchase a work tractor? This is the 3rd make/model tractor about which information was ask.

When inquiring about the capabilities of a particular model tractor you need to take a look at the reference provided by BigDog. For example the A JD is rated at 18 hp on the drawbar for early year of manufacture to 34 hp on the drawbar for late year of manufacture.

Next thing one needs to be aware of is that while manufacturers produced the same model tractor for years or decades, features and improvements were made over time.

Family has owned several JD A's through the years. One wet, cold spring Dad had to buy a 2-12" slate moldboard plow for the A. The A wouldn't handle the normal 2-16" plow due to soil conditions.

Re: john deere a

Mon May 02, 2011 11:09 am

We pulled a 12' transport disc with our '49.