Another Whatisit

Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:41 pm

This doesn't look like a cub exhaust manifold. What is it :?:

Mon Jan 31, 2005 9:44 pm

It's a framucoblinator off of a cub stealth tracking device.

Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:12 pm

If it is a Cub exhaust item, since it has that pulley, it must be an early version of the super rare Cub Turbo-Charger. It would bump that 8 hp wonder up to about 20 hp.........for a very short period of time :lol:

Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:24 pm

It's a remote mechanical throttler - previously known as a governor.

Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:26 pm

Assuming he had mixed the description with another item, I looked at the other 63 items he has listed. A wild assortment of small stuff... all for tractors, but nowhere was there a Cub manifold. The plot thickens!

Tue Feb 01, 2005 12:58 am

I did the same thing George and did not 8) a manifold pictured in any of his items. I was sure I was going to find out what it was when I found the cross listing BUT it weren`t to be found. :roll:

Wed Feb 02, 2005 3:50 pm

??? Looks like a manifold with a reeeeeeeeeeeeealy long pipe on it to me.

Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:36 pm

Somebody changed the picture! :(

Wed Feb 02, 2005 5:23 pm

I would imagine the buyer was informed that his picture did not match the item description and he changed it. :roll:

Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:39 pm

Got a nice note thanking me for pointing it out. Sometiems sellers get hostile when you point out an erroer, but he wasn't.