Jeep 4x4 tractor Vs, Fcub/int154

Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:19 pm

I like to test stuff and compare the differences in things we fabricate against the standard stuff we buy and use.

Ok after the noreaster i tried the jeep 4x4 tractor with standard tire chains nothing special on al four tires with lockers in the diff's so its a real 4x4 drive with all four wheels pulling exactly the same. Up against my int154 with my duo-cross chains with the ice bar crosslinks. This was 15'' of heavy wet slushy snow and as soon as you hit it, it became all ice and slushy.

The jeep had all four wheels spinning with no traction at all but i hammered it throttle wise and it did push the snow.

The int154 cub just pushed it like it wasn't even there with very little force and no wheel spin at all. It had all traction. I just set the speed and let the govenor do its thing.

My point is its time for a good set of tire chains for the jeep tractor and maybe an after market govennor too.

Re: Jeep 4x4 tractor Vs, Fcub/int154

Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:06 am

Good informatiom, I assume the diameter of the tires has some effect but it is hard to beat chains in snow.

Re: Jeep 4x4 tractor Vs, Fcub/int154

Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:27 pm

I have car chains on all four jeep wheels but i have many boxes of new ice bar cross links to fab a set of my chains for my jeep. But i may change the 700-15 tires to 31"-1550-15's tru power or super swampers but I need a set of duo-cross chains for my 11.2x24 tires too. I must of purchased 500 ice bar cross links in 5/16 & in 3/8" diameter on ebay for 50 links in a bag for shipped for $35. I couldn't pass that up.
My best investement so far is the larger tractor tire chain tool for $89 its well worth it.