TD-14 gas cap??

Sat Mar 05, 2005 7:19 pm

I was wondering if the free replacement gas caps apply to the TD series tractors?

thanks dave chester

Sat Mar 05, 2005 7:30 pm

The form doesn't really say, but I'd try. worst thing they can do is say no.

Sat Mar 05, 2005 7:32 pm

The offer applies to all gasoline burning engines/tractors. You just have to send in a valid year, model, and serial number to get them. 8)

Sun Mar 06, 2005 8:04 pm

Well i will get the SN's and send them into Navistar. we have like 4 TD-14's.... it would be interesting to see if they accept them. I mean they do burn gas... for a few minutes. i beleive they take the same gas cap as the rest of the gasoline ones. thanks for the input. I am a long time member of the yellow and white forums, but recently got me a W-4... so now i got my a big onE!!!!

thanks dave

Sat Mar 26, 2005 12:25 pm

i gathered up the serial numbers of those TD14's out at the farm a couple of weeks ago and sent them in. we'll see what the response is, but it should be just about time for another shipment of caps to begin appearing. i'll post the results. art