John Deere 2010 Gas

Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:32 pm

howdy today i was at a friend of mines and he had took his grandpas ole 1962? i think John Deere 2010 and all i can say is thats one sweet tractor :D
there the same size of a farmall 504 and iv always like the 1010s 2010s and 2510s.
iv got two collector editions a 1010RU and a 2010 row crop wide front with a with a KBL disk harrow.

i was wondering if anyone up here has had a 2010 worked with one and if the were any good. The one my friend Zach has his grandpa bought it new and was never used that much manly for disking and planting tobacco.
iv heard they were a bad tractor manly Diesels
tell me what you think about em those who have had one