farmall m vs massey 44

Thu Apr 28, 2005 8:38 am

Hello, I am new to this forum and have a question.I am looking at 2 different m and a massey44. the m's are both for sale at 1200, they look rough, one has power steering the other does not, both narrow fronts, I do not know the year. The massey he wants 900 and runs narrow front.I am looking for both a field tractor and a loader tractor.I run 100 ewes and only have 20 acres.I want to be able to run a new holland square baler, a chopper, (grinder) aslckle mower. I need 2 way hydraulics.I think, or a 3 point? how much , where do I get parts,do i need the live hydraulics or 2 way? One m has power steering with a baleen pump the other does not. I dont know much about tractors.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless Shane

Thu Apr 28, 2005 8:56 am

Both the Farmall M and the MH 44 were good old tractors. However, neither has the features you say you need. I don't know that you would need 2 way hydraulics or a 3 point hitch for the jobs you describe but they are certainly handy features. A 3 point add-on is a pricey item which would probably run you $600 - $800. You could use either tractor with a standard drawbar, standard pto and single acting hydraulics to accomplish your tasks (we did for years with the same tractors). You probably should consider a later model tractor with live pto and hydraulics plus a 3 point hitch or fast hitch. Something like a nice 460 farmall would serve you well.
If you are considering the 2 models you mentioned only, my choice would be one of the M's. I think you will find parts more available for the Farmalls than the Massey Harris. Look around, there is probably something better suited to your needs out there. If you rush into the first thing you find you will probably regret it later.

Thu Apr 28, 2005 2:05 pm

Trust me on this topic - Farmalls are MUCH easier to get parts for than Massey Harris. You can get just about everything at your local CIH dealer or salvage yard.

You may find a 44 with 3 pt and live PTO but you'll have one heck of a time finding repair/replacement parts. It is getting better now that serious MH restorers are making up commonly needed items, but it still takes plenty of searching to locate parts you'll need.


Thu Apr 28, 2005 3:40 pm

Couple of comments.

1) For this area, central Missouri, the prices for the M's are a bit high, $200 to $300. $1200 may be a decent price in your local.

2) Tractors with 3-point, live pto, and live hydraulics are available at or around the price of an M plus the additional cost of the 3-point. Suggest looking around, checking with the tractor dealers in your area, attending a few auctions, and talk to neighbors to see what they recommend. Take you time, the right tractor is out there at a fair price.

3) In this area you can pick up a very nice WD series Allis Chalmers with all of the desired features for between $800 to $1500. Newer D series for another $500.00. Allis Chalmers was very popular in this area and there are two AGCO dealers within 30 miles. In this area there is a lot of older Allis Chalmers tractors and equipment at very decent prices.

4) Before you purchase a work tractor, make sure that parts and service are available. Common IH parts are usually available at the local auto parts store.

My opinion only


Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:10 am

All nostalgia aside, if you want a work tractor, bite the price bullet and get a MF 35 or 135. They have the features you want easy parts and will pull your baler on level land. If you want to get a bigger tractor later to pull wagons behind your baler the MF will be great to mow and rake with.