Portable generators-- new help

Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:20 pm

Stay with me, might be some good info in this. One of my generators was new in 1989. 8 hp vertical cylinder flathead Briggs, as dependable as it gets. Still looks new, probably used 30 hours or less. Used it about 12 hours in the last couple of days. I always run the generator until the fuel tank is empty. When I fuel the generator, use just the amount that I think will run it for the time needed-- or fill it with the idea to run until empty. Once in the dead of Winter, one of my generators had a stuck/ leaky float needle and while not running with fuel in the tank, flooded the engine. No fun in 8 inches of snow. So pour in the fuel and crank the engine immediately, no exceptions. Another time, the fuel had some moisture, the fuel filter trapped it and it ran fine. But while stopped, the fuel filter froze and blocked fuel flow. More fun in the snow. So now I keep spare filters at hand and fuel through a filter funnel.
Change the engine oil if another use is not anticipated within 30 days.
This time, the generator had not been run in at least 6 years. Fired on the first pull,and started running on the second. But not smoothly. Since it did run smoothly for a few seconds every now and then, I figured it was not a stuck valve. Adjusting the high speed screw would help for few seconds, then the problem of not smooth would return. But it was doing the job of supplying electricity rather well. After much adjusting and no lasting results while using the generator heavily the last few days, I looked through the the fuel additives on the shelf. Unopened 4 ounce of Mechanic In A Bottle. Fellow who sold it to me was a cheat and a liar. Said it was good for treating ethanol fuel. Found out later that the manufacturer makes a different product for that. And charged me 3 times the regular price-- because, as I found out later, he was closing his business the next week and had made no announcement. The regular price is quite high. Not low cost.
But I read the instructions, added a bit less than 2 ounces (less than the instructions specified) to a gallon of fuel and started the generator. Within 2 minutes it ran as good as new. I suppose that the remaining fuel from years ago (running it out of fuel leaves a little in the system) had turned to gum and was causing the problem. This did the job for me! My problem was fuel related, as the symptoms indicated.
So now in addition to the spare fuel filters and spare spark plug, this additive is in the box for the generator.
I do not work for, have no financial interest in this company and this is my first ever use of their product.
Check the engine oil with every fuel fill. This one used less than 1 oz of engine oil in 12 hours.

Re: Portable generators-- new help

Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:23 pm

I use rubbing alcohol 1 bottle per 5 gallons or 1cup per tank won't freeze works good !!!

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Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:20 am

Rubbing alcohol is often 30% water. Pure isopropyl can help if the fuel is already water-contaminated. But rubbing alcohol is not a good fuel additive nor conditioner.