Mag Mounting Clip-Super-A

Wed Jun 01, 2005 4:24 pm

I have misplaced the mounting clip for the mag on my SA, part # 46 868 d. I contacted CIH and they tell me that it is no longer available. Does anyone have a spare or suggestions where I might find one. Thanks, Dan

Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:19 pm

Dan - Is that an H4 mag. If so Ive got parts. But I don't know what your referring to "clip " thingy.

Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:30 pm

WK- Yes, it is an H4 mag. A bolt attaches the bottom of the mag to the governor housing(?) but the top is held in place by the clip, similar to the set-up on a Cub. I am needing the clip at the top. Dan

Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:37 pm

Sorry Dan- All mine just have a 5/16" stud for the top mount.

Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:45 pm

WK: My parts book lists the mag type as "International Type H-4 (Special)". I don't what "special" means but maybe thats why it attaches differently than yours. Hopefully, some one will come up with a source. Thanks for checking. Dan

Wed Jun 01, 2005 7:05 pm

"Special" simply means it wasn't standard equipment. Actually, the magneto was standard equipment on early Super As and became "special" on later tractors. That same part was used on the A,B, Super A and on through the 140, 240 and probably beyond. It was used with magneto and battery ignition. They should be washing up on the beaches. You can probably find them buried in the ground at any bone yard.

Thu Jun 02, 2005 6:32 am

Thanks, Jim. I don't know of any tractor salvage yards near me. So, I am hoping a forum member can provide one or provide a contact where I might purchase the item. Dan

Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:31 am

Dan, call or email John or Jamie at (southern Mo.) or call Emerson's tractor salvage 870-528-3213 (Smithville, Ar. Neither of them or close to you, but they may be able to help.

Thu Jun 02, 2005 8:30 am

Thanks, John. Have sent message to JP Salvage. Dan