Ferguson TO 20 PTO lift arms

Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:22 pm

I have to change mine...They got bent, but we won't go into how as it would take a half a page :oops: ....Now I know their are two bolts and a small cover that will come off first, but in so far as pulling off the arm does anyone have a special way of doing this...I've got a 5 ton hydraulic puller but I don't think it will adapt to the body of the lift arm...Do you pry them to get them started ??? .....Any help as always is appreciated...I know you're out there John :lol: ....Dave

Re: Ferguson TO 20 PTO lift arms

Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:39 am

Report on what I found in case someone runs in to the same problem.....Extreme heat and a brass hammer and you'll usually end up breaking the top PTO cover....( From the Ford Forum ).....I have a parts tractor so it looks to be much easier to remove the top cover and the lift arms as a unit and replace the whole thing provided the bearings and what ever else hidden is in good shape...To get a gear puller of any kind started is a problem as the tolerances between the lift arms and the PTO cover are to close....It is also suggested to heat and bend the lift arms back to near normal (machine shop)...Guess I'll be using it as is until I find some spare time :lol: Dave