Gravely delivered

Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:14 am

Got the Gravely, I got hornsnagled into, delivered....Its got a bad switch (on order)...It won't spin the starter so I have to cross the terminals with a screw driver to start it....But after some diddling around it did start....So I may need a new solenoid also :?: .....There is a clip on the front of the solenoid between the 2 battery cable posts that is broken off...However their is another clip directly across from it on the back that is bare so I reclipped the wire their :?: ....Its got an electric fuel pump cobbed on it as the PO says the old pump might have been the reason for gas in the crankcase...I'm not fond of using the screwdriver method under the gas tank :shock: so it will set till I get it figured out.....Its supposedly a 1977 Gravely....I think its a 5660...It has a 12 horse Kohler and the hood has been painted and is Red....My dad had a early red on with a strap start, and then a yellow and white one with electric start...But I guess they went back to red....I know Tim has some parts etc if I should need them but if anyone has any ideas about anything, I'd be glad to hear them, as usual....Thanks :thanx: Dave