Another 550 Oliver Problem

Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:47 am

When we got the Oliver running a few months ago, as it only had non-working idiot light, I installed a temporary oil pressure gauge directly at the block similar to a cub. It showed a little pressure in the 15-20 lb range. Which I figured was ok for the time being. Well, I finally got around to installing a new gauge. Now it is showing "0" pressure. The oil is being pushed through the line, but with low to no pressure. When the line is disconnected from the gauge the oil only dribbles out. My next step is to connect the gauge to a very short line (tubing) at the block to see if that makes a difference.

Other than sending it back home which I am considering, what would be the next step, drop the oil pan?

By the way, the pan was flushed with diesel fuel, then installed new filter and new oil prior to starting for the first time. Pan has not been off.

Re: Another 550 Oliver Problem

Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:07 pm

Big Hoss,

If you are/were getting 20 psi of oil pressure, then you were doing fine. The factory manual calls for 20.

Take the filter off and just turn it over,don't start it. There could be enough sludge to clog some or all of the oil passages.If it is good, it should gush oil out where the filter screws on just turning with the starter.

After the above, I would pull the oil pan and see what is going on in there. It is the proverbial "10 minute job" :roll: to get it off, but you will probably need a new oil pan gasket. It will give you a chance to clean out the oil pan, and check the main bearings and rod bearings. I seriously doubt that the oil pump failed, but anything is possible. If the pump is bad, changing it is not a tough job.You'll have to drop the pan. Just unbolt the pump and pull it. Let us know how it turns out.