Shipping a machine... who to use?

Thu Jun 16, 2005 9:19 pm

Well, I've done it.... bought myself a machine just slightly faster than my Cub, got an old Russian sidecar bike. I have to get it shipped from Kansas to Connecticut. Can anybody suggest a shipper? It's on pallet 96" x 70" and weighs about 800#. I just had a 875 pound skid-steer machine shipped to me from Wisc. to CT for $175 by Central Freight, but they don't pick up in Kansas. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help. Hal in CT

Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:11 am

CUBLO I don't remember which one it was but on one of the other tractor sites there was a forum of truckers who was looking for stuff to move and listing when they were going where. One of the more knowledgable ones will chime in even if it is after the big doings at big dogs.


Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:43 am

There is a hauling schedule on the ytmag forum.

Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:21 am

Thanks BD I couldn't remember where I saw it.


motorcycle side car

Wed Jun 22, 2005 11:55 pm

cub lo
there is a company call daily direct that ships motorcycles all over the country in enclosed trucks and they dont have to be created.there are others but they have come highly recommend from guys shipping bike to might want to check with them.