Sand Blaster Cabinet

Fri Oct 14, 2005 9:10 am

Hello everyone, does anyone know anything about a Eastwood sandblaster cabinet? I have a chance to buy one tomorrow and need to know if anyone has ever heard of one of these. Its 4 foot wide with a side door and a top door. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
Calvin WV......

Fri Oct 14, 2005 9:19 am

Calvin the factory where I used to work had some Eastwood equipment. Never owned any myself. It's my impression that this is good stuff. They do have a website -

Check them out.


Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:49 am

Hi BigDog, glad to hear from you my friend. Yea I have been wanting a blaster cabinet for a while now and ran across this one in the local newspaper yesterday. The guy Im getting it from said he bought it 10 years ago new and have only used it one time to blast 4 car wheels and its sat in his garage ever since. He told me he dont have a clue why he even bought it but was taking a big loss selling it to me for what he is asking. Im getting it tomorrow morning so Im hoping its as nice as he said. Thanks again BigDog and take care.
Calvin WV......

Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:11 pm

Calvin, I've bought a few things from Eastwood. Their quality is excellent, and the price reflects that. If you haven't sandblasted before, you need to know that it takes a big air compressor to power it. I now do most larger pieces by electrolysis because it's so much faster. Bob


Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:40 pm

Hi Rjmac, thanks for the info, I hope my compressor is large enough its 40 gallon and Im only planning on doing a few small things around here. i mostly bought it for my Grandson to learn to use. Im trying to get him interested in cubs. Thanks again and have a good day.
Calvin WV.......

Sat Oct 15, 2005 5:52 am

Hi Calvin. You'll do just fine with your compressor. It won't keep up, but if you take your time, you'll have fun with it and the best thing----NO DUST. Hope you have some sort of vac system for it. I have a big 4 foot wide cabinet and my 80 gal/7 1/2 hp, 27cfm just keeps up, barely. As mentioned above, Eastwood has quality products and you pay for it too.