super "c" tractor pulls

Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:22 pm

I want to beef the motor up ,but i also want to leave it 6 volt if i can. Do i need to convert to 12 volt so i can get a much hotter spark for hp? Or will 6 volt be sufficient? Also does this tractor have, when stock 6 volt is used, use a posative ground like the "H"or was it negative ground from the factory? The mannuel doesn't really get detailed. :? [/b]

Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:30 pm

It was 6 volt positive ground. You can try a 6 volt electronic ignition module for hotter spark or try using a mag for spark.

Tue Aug 08, 2006 10:16 pm

I would check the mechanical advance on your Super C distributor. I&T, IH-8, manual lists the advance for the C distributor at 40 degrees and the Super C distributor at 30 degrees. Increasing the advance by 10 degrees and a bit of tweeking should provided additional RPMs.

I'd keep the distributor and do a bit of research and experimentation with plug gap.


Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:17 am

As long as the plug fires, (and never mis-fires) changing the intensity of the spark can't possibly make any difference. Think of it like an imaginary fire cracker... how could a bigger or hotter fuse make a louder bang?

Most of us concentrate on making our stock tractor run as well as possible and leave any cheating to others. :shock: 8) :lol:

Wed Aug 09, 2006 7:26 pm

A couple of notes from "How to Hot Rod Volkswagen Engines" HPBook, Chapter titled Ignition, the stock system is better than you thought.

1) Maximum voltage at the plugs when the engine is being accelerated at low speeds under full throttle. (Champion engineers)

2) Stock ignition (points) are miss free to over 8000 RPM. (Bosch)

3) Advantages of CD or transistorized ignition. Fire the plugs which are too worn out for peak performance with stock ignition. Longer point life. Easier starting in cold or damp weather and increased spark-plug life.

Not many tractor turn over above 8000 RPM. Just keep the stock ignition.

As George says. No horsepower gain from a hotter spark.