Sun Nov 30, 2003 2:44 pm


Well done, Son! Maw and I have been using Iview for most photo editing work since 1996 or so, but You showed us some new things. It was a little awkward in the early days. I forwarded the whole tutorial to her computer and I'm sure after she reads it she will be proud. She might even bake an extra possum pie. :lol:

Thanks for your extra effort!


Sun Dec 07, 2003 10:14 am

If you have Windows XP, there is another way to get a handle on pictures.
There is an easy resizing tool available at: ... ertoys.asp
On the right side of the page, scroll down and download the "Image Resizer". It is an exacutable file and, once opened, will give you an option when you right click on a picture to "Resize Pictures"
Once you click on "Resize Pictures" another box will come up with different standard sizes. This not only reduces the image size, it also reduces the file size to something more manageable for uploads (in my case with dialup, that's a big deal). It will save the new image with the same name and a small, medium or large designation at the end. You can also set it to replace the existing picture with the new size but I prefer to keep my originals also.

It is a lot less feature rich that IrfanView but is great for just changing picture size. It can only be used with WinXP as far as I know.

Tue Dec 16, 2003 12:20 am

I'm new to this forum. I'm can't seem to find the step by step instructions on how to add a picture to my post. I read the picture tutorial butt it didn't tell how to just simply add a picture in this very space you are reading from. Bill

Tue Dec 16, 2003 7:55 am

When you are typing in a post, the space just above the text box has a row of buttons for adding tags to the message. One says "Img". Click on it and an image tag will be added to the text and the button will be changed to "Img*. Then type or paste in the URL of your image. Click on the button once mor on "Close Tags" more to add a close tag. The image will be inserted at that point in the text.

You don't have to post a bunch of messages to experiment with this. Use the "Preview" button to see what the message will look like.

Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:15 pm

Now we are getting to the root of my problems. My pictures are on my computer and they don't have URL's attached to them. I've posted pictures on Ebay and Andale hundreds of time before and never needed this URL thing to get them there. I think this pic posting thing must be out of my league when it comes to computers. Also I'm using AOL for my internet suscriber. Bill :(

Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:54 pm

Try putting some on Then right clicking on the picture and copying the url and pasting here. Click the Img. button then past your url then Close tags text and click preview. If you see your picture submit. If not try again till the picture is in preview

Wed Dec 17, 2003 7:26 pm

Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it don't. I don't think I can remember from one time to the other how to do it.Image

Wed Dec 17, 2003 8:42 pm

[b]Don't feel bad I was replaced by a Cub
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Wed Dec 17, 2003 8:48 pm

Jim, I previewed my post and there was a picture there. Now there isn't. Did someone steal my picture??? :D

Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:00 pm

Is this it Image

Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:03 pm

Jim Hudson wrote:Don't feel bad I was replaced by a Cub

Jim, my wife asked how you got my picture.

Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:05 pm

I think the time limit may have ran out on your Avtiar picture. They only good for so long on HP. Try Picture Trail. BigDog says it works fine and it has for me when I have tried it. See if this works for you.

Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:13 pm

John *.?-!.* cub owner wrote:
Jim Hudson wrote:Don't feel bad I was replaced by a Cub

Jim, my wife asked how you got my picture.

I got it with my web cam. I can see right through your monitor.
Here are some of my students who come to me for stubborn lessons.