Wed Dec 24, 2003 10:56 pm

My newly purchased hydraulic bypass block thanks to WKPoor's efforts arrived in the mail today. :D The block looks great, and he even sent a gasket with it. :D Now if I can just get Chris B over on the ATIS board to make me a deal on that next to worthless blade. :wink: Thank You again WKPoor.

Thu Dec 25, 2003 10:06 am

I like Dan got a nice block in the mail today with gasket it looks really good. Thanks WK

Thu Dec 25, 2003 11:29 am

Santa was good here too :!: :D

I finally have a copy of Guy Fay's Letter Series courtesy of my daughter. It is a very difficult book to get, it is not available in any of the local book stores and my daughter got it for me from Amazon.

Great reading for the next while! :D

Merry Christmas to all, and I hope Santa has been good to each of you and brought you what you wished for. He did for us!

Our son came home from the island, so we are all together for the holidays again. That is the most important part, being together. The rest is just icing on the cake - or should I say, stuffing in the turkey! Merry Christmas to you all.

Thu Dec 25, 2003 1:34 pm

Not to sound dumd, that I can do easy, but what is this hydraulic bypass block used for. Thanks for edgamakatin me. :shock:

Thu Dec 25, 2003 1:54 pm

Daniel, this bypass diverter block shown here Image is used to add extra remote hydraulics to the cub touch control system. It is installed in this location shown Image Can be used for Front loader, split front /rear rockshaft control, and some are working on front blade hydraulic angle control. I am considering/ thinking of a possible front snowblade mounted in conjunction with a center mount blade.

Thu Dec 25, 2003 4:26 pm

Glad you guys liked it. We aim to please. My next project is a bushing for the return fluid into the touch control. It will enable you to plomb your 1/2" pipe thread return line in where this is a 7/8" machine thread. Basically it will be an adapter fitting. Also I'm working on a complete tutorial for anyone interested descibing the basics of aux hydraulic power on the Cub. I only sent the one gasket because until I get my Cub out of the shop and remove my lines I won't know for sure what the other gasket looks like. So for now I've included the same as would have come with the one from IH. Bill

Thu Dec 25, 2003 5:04 pm

I got some of the "red stuff" for Christmas, too. A 2004 Farmall calendar and copies of International Harvester Tractor Data Book and Farmall Letter Series Tractors. I, like Rudi, have got some good reading to take care of in the weeks to come. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone :!: