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Frank Update

Postby EZ » Mon Dec 29, 2003 5:41 pm

I hope I'm not cluttering up the board, but hopefully these updates will help someone else who may be experiencing similar things.

I put Frank back together, adjusted the TOB to 1/8" from the fingers, 1" of free play in the lever. Fired it up, jumped on, pushed the clutch and clackity, clackity, clackity was the noise, and no disengaging of clutch to put in gear. Hmmmmmmm........Well it is now all starting to make a little sense. Here's my theory: A new clutch was installed 20 years ago, but the guy who put it in did not know how to adjust the the TOB/lever etc...and ended up breaking the TOB by continuosly depressing the clutch. The clackity sound is the holder for the TOB coming in contact with the clutch fingers AND adjusting screws. Long story short, I adjusted the fingers out as far as they would go, then adjusted for the 1/8" and 1" clearances using the adjustment on the lever.

Fired Frank up depressed the clutch..............what a beautiful sound silence is, put into gear no problem, and away we go out of the shop and down the drive, nice speed in 3rd. gear, oil pressure great, hyd. unit working smooth.

How do you know if you have a Rockford or Atwood clutch?

My TOB has a grease nipple on it. The TOB on Miss Daisy has no grease nipple and looks quite abit different, the clutches look similar.
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Jim Hudson
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Postby Jim Hudson » Mon Dec 29, 2003 5:50 pm

That racket is familiar to all Cub owners. Let me help clutter up the board myself.

Well I looked it up in the archives.
Posted By: John ('48 Cub ), Ohio > Friday, 27 April 2001, at 6:25 a.m. In Response To: Re: Clutch release finger height (clark)
> John' first you need to makesure you have the rockford preasureplate. its
> easy to tell. the auburn plate isnt adjustable .. the rockford is .. this
> is how i measured it. i measured from the flat part of the preasureplate
> just beside where the driveshaft goes through.. it should measure 1 1/8
> inch minum, but no more than 1 1/4 maximum.. I just made this adjustment this week. The 2 7/32" measurement is from the fingers to the flywheel face. The 1-1/8" measurement is, as Clark said, from the fingers to the pressure plate. They are very, very nearly the same, but Clark's number is WAY easier to measure. I found that by putting a large, flat object (I used a 6 inch piece of 2x4, but a piece of plate steel or anything else flat would work) across all of the fingers at once, and checking for the 2-7/32" measurement, that I could easily see any uneven-ness in my adjustments. If any one finger is adjusted differently than the others, the angle of the plate carried out to where you can measure down to the flywheel, greatly multiplies the error making it most obvious. i measured the fingers and from the flat part on the preasureplate where the driveshaft goes through. i got 1&1/8" to the center of the releas fingers on the end tords the driveshaft.1&1/4 would be better..this measurement is taken "after" the clutch disc is installed and the preasureplate is tightened down.make sure all 3 fingers are the same measurement. to adjust the measurement loosen the locknut on the finger pivitpoint and turn the screw to get the desired measurement..also after you get everything back together and go to adjust the clutch at the clutch peddle you should have a maximum free travel of the peddle of 1&1/2" minum travel of 1&1/4". I think you are a little long on the free travel. The book says 1 inch even.
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Jeff M
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Postby Jeff M » Mon Dec 29, 2003 7:35 pm

I believe if your serial number is followed by a "J" you have a Rockford clutch.
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