Tie rod length

Wed Jan 14, 2004 9:12 am

One of the tie rods on my '57 cub (adjustable axle) was damaged in the past. The tube was was broken most of the way through and someone tried to repair it by welding the hole shut. The problem is that they also welded the rod to the tube. Needless to say the rod isn't "adjustable" any more.

I'm trying to find a reasonably priced used assembly, but here is my problem. One of the tie rods (with the rod completely recessed in the tube and nothing on the threaded end) is approximately 15 and 3/4 inches long, the other (also completely recessed) is about 14 and 1/4 inches. The catalog I believe shows the same part number for both. Were the rod lengths different in different years? If so, what size do I need? Will two rods of the same size still allow toe-in adjustments? If I need different sized rods, which side is long and which is short? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Wed Jan 14, 2004 9:49 am

My parts manual shows the smae for right and left for all the different ones I could find. However, there on the lo boys there was a change at serial 4801. They were still the same length on both sides, but the lengths (for both sides) changed when they rearranged the front end a little. I would assume you have a tie rod from one of them.

Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:03 am

Thanks John. Any Idea what the tie rod length should be fo a '57 Cub? If my luck holds I'll end up needing two new tie rods and not just one - lol.

Wed Jan 14, 2004 2:46 pm

Hey Slappy. If you do any buying on E-bay, check out item #'s 2586914526 and 2586916398. Something you may be interested in???

Wed Jan 14, 2004 5:17 pm

TM Tractor will have some good ones. Got mine there and they were straight and would slip in and out.

Thu Jan 15, 2004 12:41 am

Hey Slappy, I got 2 sets I was a going a put on Ebay. They aren't perfect butt the price will be right. Email me and we can discuss. Bill