Wagner Loader

Sat Jan 17, 2004 7:02 pm

Does anyone here know where i could obtain any technical data for a Wagner 100 loader? I recently saw an advervisement on the cleancomputes website and I really have an uncontrolable urge to build one myself. The advertisement stated that the loader used the existing hydraulic system for its operation. I am more interested in the hydraulic setup more than anything else, I have already designed the rest the loader and I am quite confident I can blackmail my millwright neighbor in assistance with the fabrication. This loader is the first fun thing I ever have designed and hope to build it this spring. Any help with some informantion would be most appriciated!

Sat Jan 17, 2004 8:19 pm

So far this is what I have found using a http://www.google.com search:

http://www.farmtractormanuals.com/inter ... ng_14.html

Insert Wagner Loader in the search box and this is what you should get:

Wagner Loaders: Mounts on Cub, Cub Lo-Boy, Super A, 100, 130, 300, 330, 350, 450, T6, TD6 Parts Manual, 457 pages

Or you can try here:

http://www.autolitshop.com/shop/searchr ... ernational

Owner's Manual International
Owner's Manual, Wagner Loaders And Backhoes, Cover Loose, Torn
Our Price: $20.00 USD

These are just 2 of 93 hits on google.com

Hope this is a help