update on progress, a couple of questions

Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:36 am

Primer Pete's parts have mostly made it out of the de-ruster, sandblast, parts wash stage. Only things left to blast and prime is the front wheels and tie rods. oh, and the hood.

i was totally unsuccessful at returning the adjustable axel back to 'adjustable'. a week in the de-rust, heat, pb blaster, and the hydraulic jack set-up... nothing doing. soooo, i it's going back together as-is. perhaps i can find another axel that wasn't subjected to so much weather. but that's the only thing that refused dissassembly, so i'm happy.

my steering gears were junk, the seat post took nearly two weeks of coaxing before coming apart, and one front spindle nut was brazed in place. that was to hold a 5/8 NF nut on a 9/16 NF spindle. same spindle had extra timkin rollers floating around in the dust cap. they were catching on the brazed spindle and trashing the dust cap into the hub threads. i had to cut the cap off and carefully peel the cap away from the threads.

a couple of thing's came up.

1. both spindle tie rod links are the early bolt into spindle shaft type, yet one bolt is larger than the other? Both look factory done.

2. my PTO shifter lever shaft was about 1/4 inch too long? The replacement was the correct length.

i'll post up a couple of progress pic's when it's mostly reassembled.

my form of 'tractor fever', and i'm enjoying it immensely. :lol:

Wed Jan 28, 2004 11:16 am


I too share your fever but since we will be moving I don't want to get too deep into the 49's. I'm getting rather impatient and can't wait to get started.
Oh boy two tractors to rebuild. :D :D :D