3-pt hitch

Mon Jan 26, 2004 8:15 pm

How common were 3pt hitches on cubs, and how much would one expect to pay for a used one?

Tue Jan 27, 2004 9:02 am

To my knowledge, the 3-point hitch was never offered as an option on a Cub. I think that I paid $400 - $450 for my Worksaver 3-point hitch. It works great with the small 3-point implements that I had for my little Kubota, just as long as it is not a PTO powered implement.

I use mine a lot and is a fun way to get use from my Cub. I just took the C-2 mower off of it because I found that I didn't use the mower as much as I thought since I have other mowers that I use on my Kubota and my AC Model B.

Tue Jan 27, 2004 12:42 pm

I've got the Worksaver 3pt on mine. Adding a 3pt was the best thing I did. Without it the tractor would be practically useless to me. However I would say the Worksaver unit could use some treaking. Mine has been beefed up 2 times at the fab shop. The general design is ok just not built heavy enough. If Saginaw would ever start building them for the Cubs, now you would have a good hitch. If I ever get my act together on this forum I could get pics of the changes on here. I'm confident you could build this same hitch for much, much less yourself or even a local shop could make one for you for less.

Tue Jan 27, 2004 2:04 pm


Just out of curiosity, what kinds of mods did you make to yours? What areas did you have to beef-up?

Tue Jan 27, 2004 3:14 pm

WKPoor wrote:If I ever get my act together on this forum I could get pics of the changes on here. I'm confident you could build this same hitch for much, much less yourself or even a local shop could make one for you for less.

Maybe Rudi or one of the other fine folks here could take an e-mail from you with "pic" of your hitch and post it either here or on the site somewhere. I would like to see it and possibly do some plagiarizing myself!

Tue Jan 27, 2004 4:28 pm

I would sure like to see some pictures.

Since I have a Kubota BX2200 with some attachments it may come in handy to have a 3 point on the cub. Even if it's just using the carry all and trailer hitch it would save me from having to switch back and forth on the Kub. Plus it gets seat time with the Cub! :wink:

About how much do you think the Cub can lift?


Tue Jan 27, 2004 5:46 pm


If you can get the pics, I will post them. If you want also to include a brief narrative of what you have done, I can incorporate all into an html document and post..... what do you think?

Tue Jan 27, 2004 5:51 pm

Bill, If you need me to, I can bring my digital camera and get pictures of your 3 point hitch. I realize it's a long journey, (2 miles maybe) but I can work it in whenever you're available.

Tue Jan 27, 2004 7:14 pm

I'll talk to Bigdog since he is so close and convienent. I moded the upper lift arms, the left hand lower support and the remade the antiswaybars. The tractor handles a 6ft. landscape rake with no problem. Most of the trouble I had with the Worksaver design was it couldn't handle side loads very well and the upper arms were subject to bending. I would say max lift to be about 450lbs. Worksaver will tell you 300lbs. They may have derated their hitch a little for liability reasons. If powered by a remote cylinder the lift cap. could be greater because the touch control won't quite lift the front end. Bill

Wed Jan 28, 2004 8:54 am

Thanks for the feedback, WK. I look forward to seeing the pictures. I guess that I must use my Cub as a toy instead of a tractor because I can't imagine putting that kind of stress on the hitch with the little 4 foot implements that I use. However, I imagine that a 6 foot landscape rake could put quite a stress on the hitch if you try to turn with the rake loaded with dirt and rocks.

I will be interested to see the photos and hearing more comments about your modifications.

Wed Jan 28, 2004 1:39 pm

I prefer the 1 point on a regular Cub and would never think of putting a 3 point on a Regular Cub. There is enough of the 1 point stuff around to make it fun in collecting but I like keeping things at least some what close to original. :-)
IH did put a factory 3 point on the later lowboys.

Wed Jan 28, 2004 6:26 pm

Hey Mike- Thats what makes collecting more than one Cub fun. You can have some to show and some to go. The guy I bought my Cub from sold it and bought a Ford because he wanted something with 3pt. I'm not sure he would have done that had he known that the retrofit was available. Also I've got a yard full of 3pt emplements many of which work fine behind the Cub. Last butt not least, the Cub has an advantage over many antique tractors of the same vintage in that it has live hydraulics. Big Plus!

3-point hitch

Sat Jan 31, 2004 11:06 pm

I've got a Worksaver 3-point hitch laying in the barn. It was on a 50 cub I bought a while back that turned out to be a white demo, but that is another story. I've asked my mechanical engineer son to make a set of drawings of all parts. He says he will get to it when it warms up. I'll send them to Rudi when he gets them done, if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Sun Feb 01, 2004 11:04 am

Mr. Scott:

Now that sounds like a really good idea! Most definitely will add once we have em! A real nice 3 point hitch would be a nice addition!

Thanks for doing it and thanks to your son as well. Will look forward to the drawings.