Ugly Cub?

Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:46 am

Does this one look familiar? :shock:
It used to be #1 in the ugly but working cub contest. Just finished it and wanted to say thanks for all the information you guys have put out here. I could not have done it with out this forum. :D

Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:55 am


Nice Job :!: :D Turned out really good. You should be proud :!:

Sun Feb 01, 2004 11:18 am


Well done! Probably a lot more fun to drive too.

Will you be bringing it to Cub Fest 2004? Scruffy was asking. He's a LOT uglier than yours, so no fear.

Sun Feb 01, 2004 12:09 pm

Tell scruffy that "Cecil" probably wont be at the the cub fest, he will be cutting trails on my hunting land.
I have never been to a show but it sounds like a blast. Some day I hope to take him to a parade or something.

Sun Feb 01, 2004 11:26 pm


Can you explain briefly the process for re-painting?

i.e. sandblasting, did you dismantle and do do parts separately, strip to bare metal, prime, and spray etc........

I'm getting ready to do my '67 Loboy and would like to hear some tips, tricks etc.........

By the way, Cecil looks great, really great!

Mon Feb 02, 2004 8:19 am


I invite you to load up your cub and join Russ Leggitt and I in our "CONVOY" to the 2004 Cub-Arama in Fredericktown, MO. 8) We will leave on Thursday, September 23 and return on Sunday, September 26. This would be a GREAT first show for you and your cub. :!: Send me a PM if you need details.

Mon Feb 02, 2004 8:57 am

AP50Cub. nice looking :!: you work fast :!: hope my cub (#2 in the Ugly working Cub contest), comes out as nice. i'll be ready for painting after this weekend. :)

now, what about cub #3 :?: whose is it :?: