PTO diretion changer/speed reducer

Thu Feb 12, 2004 12:47 am

To anyone looking for a pto diretion changer/speed reducer unit , I ran across one on Ebay . The item is said to fit an IH cub it is item
#2594874742 , I have only seen a pic of this type before , It is made by "PREWITT" or so the add said . If anyone would have any info on this or any other type I would like to hear from them . I have a lot of info on the HUB CITY brand . That info has been sent to Rudi for posting . I hope it helps others .

Thu Feb 12, 2004 11:38 am

I think you got the item # wrong butt I found it easilt enough anyway. I thought George Willer had a pic of that same one some time ago. If it wasn't him somebody posted a pic showing it. That person could give us the scoop. Look at the price already. Its double what I paid for mine and I cried about what I gave. At some point in this game I'd just go buy another tractor with standard pto and be done with it. The biggest problem with the changers I know is that the location of the output shaft is still too high and left for most applications. I've gotten by with it on my spreader because its takes very little power to operate it.

Thu Feb 12, 2004 12:06 pm


Yes, that was me, and the unit is on Scruffy.

That one may be a bargain since it also includes the PTO shaft and cover. Having the complete unit may be an advantage... I had to assemble mine on the tractor. The back part of the case is bolted to the tractor first and the rest is added one piece at a time. Not a big deal, but not something to be used seasonally or on different tractors. I'll confess... Scruffy's unit hasn't had the lube added yet.

It's obvious that the gears are different sizes to have the proper gear reduction. Most units that also claim speed reduction look to have cases that are the same on both sides. The drive gear must be a lot smaller.

The correct number for the eBay item is: 2595040187 , or even better... follow this link:


Thu Feb 12, 2004 12:32 pm

Who made that unit? What model is it? Was it part of an attachment?

Thu Feb 12, 2004 12:37 pm

BOB K. wrote:George,
Who made that unit? What model is it? Was it part of an attachment?


Mine has been re-painted so there is no information on it. Someone approached me at a show who sold his Cub and still had the speed reducer... and we made a deal on the spot. Until I saw the eBay ad I didn't even know it was a Prewitt... but I'm sure they are the same unit.

Thu Feb 12, 2004 6:12 pm

George- Mine is as you refer only a 2-1 reducer butt I'm able to use at low throttle settings. Not to many years ago a local dealer showed me a catalog with reducers and new they were about $400.00. I'm sure that catalog is out of date buy now.

Fri Feb 13, 2004 10:59 am

The Surplus Center has a Hub City gear reducer that might be able to be adapted for the Cub. The ratio is perfect (3.12:1) input 1750 = output 561. I'm thinking an output shaft could be made with one of those short weldable pto shafts I've seen from time to time but that still leaves input shaft and mounting issues. And it is $350 to start with.