Late "Happy Birthday" To New Board

Sun Feb 15, 2004 1:57 am

I had this on my mind a month ago to post a Happy Birthday to the birth of this "New" board but forgot till now. So as they say better late than :?: . It sure dont seem like over a year ago when I transfered over to here from the now defunct board. Thanks _Dennis_ for all the :{_}: and time you put in making this an enjoyable learning experience for all of us members. :) :P

Sun Feb 15, 2004 2:33 am

Happy "B" Day Board and thanks alot Dennis. Lot of great stuff here :!: I just had a very big piece of the cake. Yum-Yum :D :D

Sun Feb 15, 2004 5:41 pm

Thanks Guys! Although I think the tradtional "possum pie" would be more appropriate :lol:

Sun Feb 15, 2004 6:15 pm

I haven't quite figured out the "possum pie" guys :roll: :?

Is it by any chance similar to our "Roadkill Roast" :?: :!: :lol:

Either way, Happy Birthday to the Board and thanks again Dennis for all you do, including the new sticky :shock:

Sun Feb 15, 2004 6:49 pm

Rudi, If you don't want to possum hunt or are too lazy to look for roadkill, you can use this fine product as a start for good possum pie:

Sun Feb 15, 2004 6:53 pm


Ifn ya got a UPC code, I can put the request in to my local grocer :!: :roll: :lol:

Sun Feb 15, 2004 8:00 pm

Hey Rudi,

You guys in the north woods may have groundhog stew!!! :twisted: :twisted: instead of possum pie.