Steering wheel

Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:55 pm

Hi All

I was wondering if there is a person who repairs original steering wheels to like new condition. Mine is split and cracked, and I don't think I could fix it up. I know you can buy a new one from OEM, but was just wondering if someone out there has mastered this task. THANKS PAUL K. in N.H.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:19 pm


There is a lad in Halifax that does both the steering wheels and the seats the same way as Darrell Darst does... more cost effective for us Canucks. I am awaiting name/address/phone number and/or email address on this lad.

Apparently his uncle is one of the two largest collectors in the Maritimes and he has done the restores on his tractor steering wheels. From what I have been told and what I have seen of his work, he is really good.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:24 pm

Paul, I repaired my steering wheel cracks with two part epoxy (black),removed the rust out of the cracks,blasted with glass beads. knotched the the bad area. Filled with the epoxy on the spot.Waited to dry.Sanded witha dremel drum. finished with some 400 wet and dry paper and painted black. Came out great and its original. Really ca'nt see it.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:32 pm

Hello Paul,

You might want to give these guys a call.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:39 pm

I got a steering wheel from OEM that looked just like the original. But don't tell anyone I peeled the pretty Gold made in China sticker off.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 10:20 pm


You gentlemen just amaze me, your great. A couple of things Cub Bud I checked out that site, all American, I love that although it sounds like when they talk about cores that they may keep my original steering wheel which I kind of wanted back. Sounds like they have some all made up and ship out a different one than mine. I got there number and will call and check that out . Okay Jim on the offshore twin from OEM. I read the post of doing it with the epoxy and stuff, but I am not sure I can do that and have it coming out looking good. If someone has the talent and wants to do it I would pay a fair price for them to do it. Rudi you can always let me know of that person if you get the info unless someone else offers first. I have a rough time with nerves and depression and stuff like that and some times my hands shake pretty bad. Well THANKS again to all of you PAUL K. in N.H.

Sun Mar 07, 2004 10:55 pm

Paul,E-mail me offline.I'll send you my address,If you can get the wheel off.Send it to me I will see what i can do for you. I don't want any money,I do this on my lunch break. I fix your splits and cracks and finish the inside with dupont centurian red.Ship it back to you free of charge Turn time last than 2 weeks. You don't like it you still get to use are friends @ OEM. Bob

Mon Mar 08, 2004 11:39 am

Hi Red Ned
I hope you are doing well today. I just called the place that Cub Bud listed above, they say they fix your wheel and send yours back to you. They say it is not a plastic, but a hard rubberized coating. The gal said they do hundreds of them, and the wheel won't turn you hands black. the price includeing shipping is 75.50 and 4 weeks to do the job. The price is as much as the OEM one jim got. I don't think they paint the center part red to match the IH red. I really appreciate your offer an was wondering if you clear coat it or something so your hands don't turn black. I would want to pay at least for the shipping. I can get it of very easy, as I put in a new woodriff key in there before. THANK YOU PAUL K. in N.H.

Mon Mar 08, 2004 12:19 pm

Red Ned
I posted that info so other folks would know about that company, and now I can't get your email address, sounds like your steering wheel came out great. My email address is THANKS PAUL K. in N.H. :D

Tue Mar 09, 2004 8:39 pm

Rudi, That gentleman you are talking about, Would it be Owen Davis? I think he is up to 160 now. I know the gentleman that does all the work for him. He restores most tractors that Owen buy's.

Tue Mar 09, 2004 9:20 pm

Hi Rudi
I hope you are doing well. On one of my posts above a gentleman RedNed offered to fix it up for me if I sent it to him. I thought that was so kind of him, so I have a box and some packing material, and hope to ship it to him tomorrow. Ihave done things like rebuild car engines and built the home I live in, but I have been it with several types of mental illness and struggle along slowly. I been reading for two years, but have not got much done on my 61 which will fire rite up and run. I have all the manuals and stuff but like to ask questions and hear from you pros and hopefuly be able to do a little here and there on the cub. TAKE CARE Paul N.H.

Tue Mar 09, 2004 9:42 pm


Yeah, actually it is Gary Davis, Owen's nephew. He has done all the restores for Owen and Lorne from what I understand and Owen is pretty strick with the restores being accurate.

Yup, he sure has a lot of tractors -- unreal. I can't wait to go to Halifax and see his collection!

Dale McKay is the guy in Debert that does most of the restoration work for Owen. Gary does the seats and the steering wheels, but neither are inexpensive. Again, you pay for quality... and it takes time.

Wed Mar 10, 2004 9:36 pm


Its Dale Mackay that I know. I have been out to his place a few times.