PTO shifter lever repair

Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:51 am

The nub on this PTO lever is sheared in half just like the pic on TM's web site. I'm thinking I can make a new nub by turning a shoulder on a piece of round stock then press out the old one and replace it with my newly turned piece. I am wondering if it will wiggle out and cause trouble?

Mon Mar 15, 2004 11:53 am

That stub is hardened steel. If you make one, you can use an old drill bit shank and weld it in. Good used replacements are available reasonably priced.

Mon Mar 15, 2004 2:01 pm

I just got one from Wenger's last summer and it was about $20.00

Thu Mar 18, 2004 12:05 pm

When I repaired mine, I used the non threaded portion of a socket head cap screw and had it welded in place. Its been working fine for two years.

Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:06 pm

I have repaired a few using Bigdog's method but I make them 1/8" longer than original where it will extend into the collar a little further.