New Cub, some questions?

Sun Apr 04, 2004 11:21 pm

Just got a 1951 Cub. Has touch control, front blade. All the important parts seem to bee there. Since this is new to me I have a couple of questions.

1. Smokes, but I knew that when I got it. White smoke out the exhaust, some smoke out of the oil filler. Oil is dirty but doesn't look like there is any water or anti freeze in it.

2. Looks like the float is stuck since I get gas leaking out of carb (?) when choking it to start. Carb overhaul?

3. Right brake is iffy, tough to replace?

4 Looks like the area under the battery has been eaten through, can the entire deck be replaced or do I just weld on a patch.

5.. I want to drive this Cub for a while ( I have some other projects I need to get done) then tear it down and rebuild it.

6. My intention now is to fix the carb, live with the brake, change the plugs, new rotor, dist. cap, points, etc. Anything else I should do?

Sorry about the questions, I'm a newbie.


Sun Apr 04, 2004 11:37 pm

Welcome to the 800th regestired member :!: :!:

You have a few questions that maybe answered by reading the Announcement information to new members. Another link to try is and read the Cub FAQ'S .

Again glad to have #800

Mon Apr 05, 2004 7:39 am


Welcome to the Cub Family, and being #800. Which means of course there is only 200 left to the magical number of 1000.

Here is what I suggest you do and I think all would agree. The most important tool for working on your Cub is information. If you go to Binder Books and order the Owner's Manual, TC37-F Parts Manual and the GSS-1411 Service Manual, you will be well on your way to acquiring that info. Until you get your own manuals, you may find various revisions on the Cub Manual Server as well as many other interesting manuals and such. The Best of H.L. Chauvin as well is a very good reference and helps immensely in diagnosing and fixing problems.

Donny's reference to the ATIS FAQ's is a good source as well. Oh they are all accessible at the Cub Manual Server.

Hope this helps, and again welcome to the family!