Looking like a tractor again!

Fri Apr 02, 2004 10:39 pm

Got home last night so what did I do today :!: :wink: :wink:

Well it's starting to look like a tractor again:


The spline will go in tomorrow along with the torque tube, so what shall I do next :?: :?: :D :D :D :D :D


Gosh, it's good to be home :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Fri Apr 02, 2004 11:01 pm

Looks great Donny,Just remember to take your time.otherwise will have to get another like George.and another and another and another. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fri Apr 02, 2004 11:50 pm

Looks great :!:

Sat Apr 03, 2004 8:43 am

:P Looks nice & fresh Donny. I like the color gray but I think red would be closer to original.

:twisted: Just Kidden :twisted:

Sat Apr 03, 2004 3:11 pm

Donny. Is that flame sprayed or just primed? Looks real good.

Sat Apr 03, 2004 3:50 pm


It's self etching primer made by SEM Products.

Sun Apr 04, 2004 1:23 pm

Looks great. You're just a little ahead of me. I just finished rebuilding my final drives. I'll do the tranny next and put them back together. I just posted a message asking for the correct bolt and nut size to attach the finals to the tranny etc. Any ideas?


Tue Apr 06, 2004 10:29 am


Yer makin' me jealous now.
My engine looks just like yours except no paint yet, just bare metal. I put the pistons back in last nite with new rings and bearings. I have the left hand final drive apart, need new brake bands, (IH $81.00Cdn.!!) and a couple seals. I think the outer seal on that final was leaking and should be replaced. These little tractors are small enough, you can take them right apart and prepare and paint each piece as you go.

Nice job for sure.

Tue Apr 06, 2004 1:52 pm

Donny, looks fanatstic! I am fighting the front pulley as we speak.
How did you get the oil pressure valve off without breaking it?
I have been spraying with kroil but cannot budge it. There's nothing
to put a wrench on.

Tue Apr 06, 2004 1:59 pm


Do you mean the oil pressure gauge or the oil pressure regulator?

Tue Apr 06, 2004 5:28 pm

She's looking real good Donny, Thats going to be show quality in no time.

Wed Apr 07, 2004 7:27 am

Sorry Donny,

I meant oil pressure gauge, duh!

Wed Apr 07, 2004 8:18 am

If you still have the original gauge, there are 2 small holes in the back that were used to turn it. The tool was a pin wrench similiar to what is supplied with many hand held grinders for changing the wheel. If you are creative you can make one of your own.

Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:28 am


My Oil Pressure guage is no longer on the block. I removed it with a wrench - 7/16" I think. It is now mounted in the dash where I can see it better. I like it a lot. Oh, had to get a different guage - same style, but I think it came from an H. Not exactly correct, but efficient nonetheless. I had to custom bend some brake cable for the tubing though.

The guage came out really easy. I think mine had a brass fitting on it if I remember correctly. A strap wrench may work if you are careful.

Wed Apr 07, 2004 11:34 am

Rudi had the answer to the question:

How did you get the oil pressure valve off without breaking it?

I used a strap wrench.