Front wheel spindle seal, I meesed up big time

Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:51 pm

Tearing apart my front wheel spindle, I was not paying enough attention and messed up the sleeve that the seal rides in.

The sealing surface is a small piece of tubing (aprox .050") with about a 3/16" lip that bottoms out on the back side of the hub and presses into the hub.

The seal is a orignial leather part no. 35076R91 and this site shows three other replacement type seals. What it don't tell me is what this little sleeve is called and how to obtain one.

I doubt if this seal comes with the sleeve too.

My thoughts are to order a new seal and then machine me a new sleeve.

Second thought is since the seal is pressed on the spindle and it is sealing on this sleeve, why could I not make it more modern and have the seal pressed in the hub and then let it do it's sealing on the 1.5" area of the spindle.

Am I making any sense here?, now that I am confussed!!!!!

Any thoughts here?

John N
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Tue Apr 27, 2004 9:01 pm


Maybe this will help. From the manual server - TC-37F Revision 3 - Group 14 - Suspension



Tue Apr 27, 2004 10:14 pm


When I built the tricycle Cub, I wasn't happy with the original style seal. I eliminated the insert from the hubs and made a new carrier to hold a big O-ring. The O-ring seals against the machined inner surface of the hub. I think the same thing can be done on the original spindles and would be an improvement.


Here are all the parts that were made for the new front end including the alternate seal system, but before the spindles were welded in place.


If I understand it right, the parts you need to keep it original are the ones I eliminated. I may still have them... but finding them may be another matter.