1/16th Scale Replica Cubs

Sat Dec 22, 2007 5:56 pm

This is what I know to date:

I have the majority of these particular ERTL 1/16th Scale Cubs. I am missing a couple it appears. I have included all the relevant information that I can corroborate at the moment. As it becomes clearer and I have a better understanding and definitive information, I will then attempt to update this list (which will appear in the Cub Book of Knowledge), as the information is verified.

The # 653 Series seems to be causing a bit of concern for me. I have already found references for the two different stock numbers, and there is definitely a difference between the 653 DO and the 14339 series Cubs. Also, there seems to be a difference between the Special Edition model that has the 1991 Date Stamp cast into the model itself. This will be cleared up hopefully soon.

Thanks to Ralph of Ralph's Cub for the individual pictures of each of the 10 different versions that he has. It seems that we may be missing a few huh???

    Ertl Products:

    Vintage Series

    Model # 689 1st Edition


    Model # 689 1st and 2nd Edition


    Model # 689 1st and 2nd Edition

    McCormick Farmall Cub Tractor History

    The Farmall Cub was the smallest tractor in the IH line. Originally introduced in 1947, the Cub remained in the line until 1964. Versions of the Cub remained in production for over 28 years. This might might was ideal for the 40 acre farms. At least 17 different implements were designed for the Cub. This tractor changed very little in its many years of production and can be seen on farms today pulling its fair share of jobs.

    Model # 235


    McCormick Farmall Cub - 1956 to 1958 - Produced 1990

    Model # 652


    McCormick Farmall Cub Tractor 1959-1963

    The smallest tractor in the IH line, the Farmall Cub, changed little in functional design from its introduction in 1947 through it's final year of production in 1964. The most notable changes occured in the hood and grille design. In 1959, the hood and grille were changed again to keep this ever popular and reliable little tractor dressed in the current style of the rest of the IH line.

    Model # 653 DA


    International Cub Tractor 1964-1976 HISTORY
    From its introduction in 1947, the Farmall Cub retained a distinctive shape and color. Dramatically, in 1964 IH made major design changes to the hood and grille as well as color. The 'Cub' went from IH Red to Federal Yellow and White. The new yellow and white look made this 'Cub' one of the more easily recognized of the 'Cub' series.

    Model # 653 DO


    Model # 448


    International Cub Tractor 1976-1979 HISTORY
    From its introduction in 1947, the Farmall Cub retained a distinctive shape and color. Dramatically, in 1964 IH made major design changes to the hood and grille as well as color. The 'Cub' went from IH Red to Federal Yellow and White. In 1976 the 'Cub' returned to the famous IH Red color. Although this claim is disputed by some, the avid collector can still find this final version of the International Cub Tractor.

    Special Edition Series

    Model # 14339


    The traditional History Panel was deleted by Ertl for this model and the logo also changed to Ertl Britains. To identify the contents Ertly reformatted the History Panel to the Original Model Specifications panel and relocated it from the side panel to the rear panel.

    International Cub

  • Introduced in 1947
  • Cultivision Seat
  • Smallest member of the Farmall Line
  • Yellow & Cream Version Produced 1965-1974

Model # 14577P

Again Ertl eliminated the History Panel altogether for this issue. This particular issue is dedicated to the 2007 Red Power Roundup in Bloomsburg PA and it is known as the:
2007 Red Power Roundup in Bloomsburg PA Limited Edition

Other Special Edition Series

FoxFire Friends B2


Chromed Cub

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Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:26 pm

I added this topic to the Cub Book of Knowledge into a whole new section.

    All About Collecting Miniature Cubs
    1. 1/16th Scale Replica Cubs
    2. [url]Gilson Reicke Cub Miniatures[/url]
    3. [url]Ruehl Plastic Model Cubs[/url]

As I get more info I shall be updating the individual posts. The Gilson Reicke Cub and the Reuhl Model pages will be updated over the next day or so I guess, as I have a moment. Most of what I have already collected on these two items are already loaded and ready to go. The Gilson Reicke page will have links to the web resources already known.

Again, if anyone has info, pictures, historical data etc., I would appreciate an email with the relevant materials.

Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:00 pm

Rudi, thanks for going through the trouble of posting the pics. I'm envious.

Now you need some really pretty wooden/glass display cases. Know anyone in your area good with wood working? :roll: :lol:

Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:25 am

IH has a demo. I seen one about 4 months ago. I was going to buy it two months later it was gone. :( :( :cry:

Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:25 am

Jeff Silvey wrote:Rudi:
IH has a demo. I seen one about 4 months ago. I was going to buy it two months later it was gone. :( :( :cry:

See what happens when you think about it for TWO months :?: :?:

Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:45 am


Well, I think I gots me another one. 653DO Vintage Series, Long Decal Yaller and White Cub.... this is becoming addictive.... :big say what:

Vintage 1/16th Ertl IH Cub Special Ed Farm Toy Tractor

Not too shabby... hopefully it is the Special Edition Yaller and White with 1991 cast into the body :o

Now to find the elusive #235 :!:

After Christmas I might be starting the new display cabinets for the rock hounding, plus the library units for our huge collection of books. Need to get em out of boxes. I think I will build a lighted display case in the library for the ERTL's.. be kind of nice. Probably will compliment all of the Beer Glasses, Steins and Dekal that I collected in Germany back in the 80's. Of course, all back lit :wink: :D

Now that the pole barn is almost done, I can start working in the wood shop like I have been wanting to for many years.


Do you know where you saw it?

Also, does anyone have the link to the Gilson Reicke article in the Farm Collector :?: :?: :?:

Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:13 am

I thought I had them all until you posted. I don't have the Special Edition #14339. I have seen it but just thought it was the same as the yellow and white that was #6 in the series. I never keep the boxes so I didn't remember what it looked like. I also do not have the Chromed one, or the Fox Fire one with the bear. I have the bear, and had the tractor, but it looked better in the hands of a grandson than it did sitting on the shelf with my other toys. I do have a Lo-Boy that is seldom seen, in fact you will never see another one just like this one. The Teddy Bears in the background are the two sizes of Boyds Bears with a Farmall Cub shirt that were sold at RPRU. The RPRU Cub has the "dealer decal" that was included with the ones sold at RPRU (by the host, IHCC Chapter 17) afixed to the floor pan.
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Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:22 am

mine does not have the dealer decal like yours . i bought it at red power . :x

Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:57 am

The decal was in a small plastic bag and not on the tractor. If you still have the box, look in it one end for a small plastic bag, a zip lock bag if I remember correctly. The boxes had been opened on one end just enough to insert the bag, and as far as I know that is the only difference between the RPRU model sold at Bloomsburg by the folks from IHCC Chapter 17 (host chapter), and the one sold by dealers, including dealers that sold them there.

Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:46 pm

Hi rudi,
I talked with a ertel rep a few years ago at a farm show and he gave me a catoloug if its worth looking for I can dig it out. He is also the one that told me they only made about 750 of the anniversery farmall H's with Farmer. LOL

Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:57 pm

Paul is the lo-boy one something that you custumized or was it bought that way?


Sun Dec 23, 2007 6:06 pm

I built it, and if I had taken some pains with it, I believe I could have done a better job of it. I have seen another one or two that look much better than mine.

Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:04 pm

Hello, anyone know much about the chrome ones? Never seen one, just curious. Was it from Ertl ? What was the reason for chrome ? What is it worth ?

Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:18 pm


I didn't know about the Dealer Decal for the Cubs sold at the shows. Johnny got one for me, but Cecil now has it.. (I am hoping that maybe I can get a copy of the decal ???).......

I like your lo-boy, kinda neat. Looks like you took a fair amount of time with it as it is. Not sure what you could have done better. Looks some sharp from the pics.

Looks like we learn something new everyday. I thought I had em all too... :shock: :? :( Oh well, the search will go on. I think I may have found another one that I do not have, so I am hoping I get lucky and it turns out to be the one I think it is.

So far, still no luck on the #235.. but I will find that one as well. I kind of enjoy this.. A lot easier on the pocket book than full sized Cubs, and almost as much fun, except you can't drive em much... :big smile:


Yup, the catalog would be interesting to see. It may detail all of the Cubs built by ERTL over the years?? And maybe the Cub Cadets as well.


I think we will learn more about the Chrome Cub when Ralph actually gets it delivered to him. I am hoping.. more pics and more detail would be incredible.

Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:21 pm

This is the dealer decal that was with the RPRU Cubs
I was told one person, Mr. David Daugherty, inserted the decals into the end of the box of each of the Cubs that Chapter 17 sold. Dave is a friend of mine, and was also the point of contact for individuals to order the toy prior to the the show, and was also in charge of the Cub Cadet Corral.