Bud Fisher's Accident

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:01 pm

Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you news I received today about Bud's auto
accident he had late yesterday afternoon. He had a head-on with another
pickup at about 50 mph. Bud's right foot/ankle was pinned in due to the
impact for some period of time and had to be cut out. He was air lifted
to a hospital in Memphis, Tn. His little daughter was in the vehicle at the
time and sustained "NO" injuries.

I just talked with Bud. He is is good spirits and is in no pain. The concern
now is the possibility of infection. The doctors placed screws in his foot
and have taken other measures to stabalize the bones. Additional
operations will be required in the near future. I am sure Bud would
appreciate our thoughts and prayers.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:05 pm

Thanks for posting the info. Our prayers go out to Bud and all his Family. It can be very trying to manage everything at a time like this. I know it happened to me on Oct 9th, right after Stonethrow. We're just glad it wasn't any more serious than it was.

Ron & Paula Whiting

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:08 pm

My prayers go out to Bud.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:32 pm

My thoughts and best wishes go out to Bud and his family.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:32 pm

Bud and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you the very best, Bud. Pete

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:36 pm

Tel Bud He will be in our prayers as well..
I am shure Glad Kacey was not injured Thank God.

Thanks For the post Ralph

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:38 pm

Thanks Russ, I had not heard about the accident. Our prayers go out for Bud and family.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:44 pm

Prayers and best wishes go out to Bud and his entire family. No doubt someone else was with Bud and Kelsey.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:55 pm

Bud, you have all of my families prayers for your recovery and thank God your daughter was not injured too.


Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:01 pm

Ouch! Definately we'll keep Bud and fam in our thoughts and prayers. Get better soon Bud!

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:03 pm

We will remember Bud and family in our prayers

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:12 pm

Bud, Thank God you came out alive and its great news that your daughter was un-injured. :D

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:24 pm

Best to you in your recovery and great news that your daughter is fine.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:30 pm

Thanks Russ....

Bud, my best thoughts & prayer's to you.

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:32 pm

We'll keep Bud and his family in our prayers.