Setting A Hay Stack Pole

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Setting A Hay Stack Pole

Postby Rev Jim » Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:01 pm

Yes here in Upshur Co WV they still do that. And here is the procedure for those who do not know. Find a tall Locust tree taller the better. Saw it down and delimb it. Cut the top 4 ' off and measure down 18' and lay the rest aside. Now dig a 48" hole in the ground and upset the 18' tall pole into the hole. Now you have 14' of this pole sticking out of the ground.
Cut four notches about 24" up on the center pole. Now the four side props are cut 3-4' long. Shovel out four ditchs about 20 " Long and place the four post top end into the the notchs that have been cut in the enter post.
Now place the bottom of the four posts into the four holes that you dig in the ground about a foot or so from the center post. Cover bases of poles with dirt and tamp down tight. Now start forking on the hay and keep going until you get near the top. Your pitch fork might be a little short.
That real long handled pitch fork is called at Topping Out fork. Because that is what you will need to Top Out The Stack. Rev JIM

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Postby Bigdog » Wed Apr 02, 2003 7:03 am

Rev. Jim,
Don't see much of that around here, but I have seen them. Never knew how they were set up. I sure appreciate the information. I have an aunt who lives in Fayetteville WV. Don't see her often, but I love driving through that area. I believe you are somewhat closer to me than she is. I am in south central Ohio.
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Rev Jim
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Hay Stack

Postby Rev Jim » Wed Apr 02, 2003 7:27 am

Big Dog:
Well thanks for the reply really nice of you. One thing I did not mention was when you set one of these they set tighter when you set them when
the moon is on the wain"Dark Side" i know it sounds silly but the moon has something to do with it :shock: Just as it does with the tides of the oceans.

Working on Web Site Project can you give me any how to do it easy hints :?: Also this website will be a rebuild step by step on my 1956-57 Cub. I look forward to anything you have that will help.

God Bless YA and The Family. And God Bless America><> ><> Rev JIM

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