End Results!

Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:32 pm

These are pics. of 3 of the gardens after plowing!

#1 was a real bear to plow this year!---as you can see the big pasty slabs that turned over are still soppin wet and run together from too much rain this growing season!
I put a lot of homemade dirt on this one then plowed it under. By spring it will be mellow!--THIS is one reason that I have to get the gardens fall plowed or I wont grow anything next year!---Plowing ground up like this in the spring is a wast of time and fuel!
Ole 404 was snortin and doing wheel stands trying to pull the 2-bottom plow!---almost flipped it over backwards a couple times when it got pullin so hard!

Garden #2 got 30 bags of 16to1 chopped leaves, some chicken manure, the old compost pile and whatever else I could throw out there to turn under!
It plowed up a little nicer than #1 did!

garden #3 was the old sweet corn field and it plowed up perfect! 404 really cruised thru this one and didnt break a sweat in the process!

Still have 4 or so gardens yet to turn over if everything holds together and the weather holds up!---Still time for cub plowers to get in on the action!!! thanks; sonny

Re: End Results!

Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:41 pm

#1 looks like it was awfully wet, and #2 a little wet. If you hve clay like ours it would be hard as a rock when it dried.

Re: End Results!

Thu Nov 19, 2009 3:19 pm

Yes been a tough year.With all my oaks dropping their leaves,I mowed them over and threw into the garden.I'll lime it later.The farmers here have been running the sub-soilers I see.It was dry up till yesterday here.Ground still had a lot of mosture in it though.Its wet out now,needed a good rain.Kevin