Where has this been hiding??

Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:23 pm

I've been using this website for years now to gain Cub knowledge and to keep in contact with friends that I have made here, but never found this Hunting and Fishing site! You'll be seeing more of me on here once in a while now. Just another reason this is the best site on the web!! :wink:

Re: Where has this been hiding??

Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:43 pm

At least you found it ... better late than never!! :D Looking forward to reading your posts here in the future.

Re: Where has this been hiding??

Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:18 pm

Well, welcome to this side of the forum!

Re: Where has this been hiding??

Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:06 am

Come on in Rick and lets talk bow hunting. :wink:

Re: Where has this been hiding??

Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:56 pm

Welcome all outdoorsmen and women who hunt and fish!!! Lets kick this section up another notch.

I like hunting, guns, shooting, fishing plus collecting old fishing stuff in my travels to the antique shops with the misses and looking at estate sales too. You never know what you will find.

The old surplus military guns need good homes just like the old tractors do too.

I can share my expertise on guns/fishing but i need help with getting into blackpowder rifles/revolvers and bow hunting. I found an older Bear bow in my garage when we moved it and its not the compound bows. I just purchased a Hawken 54 cal carbine along with a Traditions inline 50cal plus a winchester inline 50cal with all the accessoires you could ask for the shooting and cleaning them. Now i need to figure out how to shoot them. The inlines are modern with the shotgun 209 primers but the hawkin is a cap loc i think. Lots of sabots, lead balls, primers and gun powder came with this stuff too.

My dream gun is a sharps with a hex barrel in 50-120 cal or any of the larer older calibers, i'll get one or build one someday.