Carpathian Walnuts. Bob in CT

Sat May 22, 2010 10:01 am

Bob in CT wrote:My pawpaws, persimmons and Carpathian walnut all lost their leaves.
Have you harvested any nuts from the Carpathian walnut trees?

One of the neighbors in Iowa had several hugh Carpathian walnut trees in his yard. Beautiful tree. Any way, squirrels harvested the nuts from the tree.

Pawpaws. Any fruit? Comments. I planted some pawpaw seeding this spring. Reading that they are difficult to get to fruit.

Re: Carpathian Walnuts. Bob in CT

Sat May 22, 2010 10:27 am

The Carpathians I planted at my former property are quite large and I think they are producing quite a few nuts. Mine have been very slow growing. I think the hardpan and wet conditions are not favorable but my other yard was wet too. I did get some nuts last fall from a large tree I bought from Nolin River Nut Nursery and they were large and excellent. As good as California walnuts. Easy to shell.

The pawpaws took quite a while to bear fruit. I probably planted them 5-6 years ago. I would have to dig for the receipts to be sure. They are still quite small- maybe 7-8 feet but I don't think they get very large. We enjoyed our first pawpaws last year and that was the first time I ever had them. We all loved them. It is like some exotic tropical fruit that I would expect in Asia. Like custard.

Re: Carpathian Walnuts. Bob in CT

Sat May 22, 2010 11:49 am ... n4/gh1.htm. Thought I would try pawpaws since they are native to Missouri.

I've tried a number of different fruit and nut trees in the past on son's acreage without sucess. So far the only thing I've had significant success with is pecan and black walnut.