sks's, mausers and mosins

Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:14 pm

There's another shippment of yugo 59/66A1 sks's (7,62x39), russian mosins (7,62x54r) and 8mm mausers right now. If you want a few now is the time. The sks with 125gr or 154gr soft point bullets can make a cheap small game or deer sized game getter. With the $99 mosin there is 203gr soft point bullets in 7,62x54r at for $6 for 10 (box). The power of the 7,62x54r is inbetween a 30-06 springfield and a 308 Win. she'll drop a bear too. With the 8mm mauser there are 170gr sp, to 196gr sp's too. Some manufacturers also offer 150gr'ers too. There has also been an offering of the 95 mauser in 7mm mauser and in 308win. Century arms offers the hotshot ammo in 7mm mauser thats 173gr sp. for $12 a box of 20 thats boxer primed. For other ammo deals checkout and look at the ammo thats manufactured in the former yugoslavia in the Prvi-Partizan brand its boxer primed so its reloadable and its a very good top quality brass for reloading too. When hunting deer in blackbear country i like to use a heavier bullet. The deer season overlaps bear season in Vt by a few days. You don't want to upset him with a smaller bullet.

Please remember to wear hunter orange when in the woods this fall too. Up north i have seen so many guys crash thru the thick brush with no orange on at all there in camo. Luckily we have two way radios to talk with each other. I knew my son wouldn't shoot anyway but its good to besafe too. My son was up on the ridge above the guy with no orange. I have a buddy who wear orange to his stand then hangs it in the tree near him. When moving to and from your stand in the low light use a flashlite too. Play it safe and let others know were your going too. I have also seen others grab 3rds of ammo and head out. Then shoot a bear with two rounds and there stuck in a tree all night with the bear moaning at the bottom. In the morning he fired his last round and finished the job and walked back to camp for help. This is one of the stories i have heard told at camp by others. So carry enough ammo, carry matches incase you get lost, take a compass and take a reading where the road is(direction of the road). Trust me you can know an area well until you start tracking trust me i know. Thats why i always have a compass in my jacket pocket all the time. Trust the compass :arrow: for the way out there your not at tractor supply anymore.... :arrow:

Besafe and enjoy the outdoors and live to tell about your trip..... :{_}:

Re: sks's, mausers and mosins

Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:38 pm

Just love my SKS !!!

Re: sks's, mausers and mosins

Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:24 pm

We all grew up with the semi auto 22's and they with some empty soda cans or some targets we had a blast. Now that were all grown up(well some of us are i'm still a kid at heart) now we need something with a tad more bang right? Well the sks is a hoot to shoot with a tad more bang.

There are the yugo 59/66 sks and some romanian sks's just hit our shores again too. There are some russian, chinese and albanian sks's around too if thats what you want.

My chinese norinco paratrooper sks w/16" barrel using norinco ammo benchrested will shoot 1 1/2" groups at 100yds with iron sights(no scope) if i do my part. Thats not to shabby for an affordable gun.